Friday, March 25, 2016

Update :)

Its been a few days since I posted...oops! But firstly happy easter :)

The week didnt go as good as expected. Monday I did a chest work out and a small amount of hill inclines on the treadmill. Tuesday i went back to work....and tuesday night i did a 45 minute RPM class then a PT session of legs. Wednesday night i went and did grocery shopping and ate too many grains/carbs! UGH. Then thursday morning i woke...and the spot where your gall bladder felt not enough room for the organ. Was so painful. But i went to work...and lasted half the day before going to the doctors. He pulled out my ultrasound results from over a year ago and said you need your gall bladder out! So next time i have the pain i need to go to the ER with a copy of my ultrasound results, he said that will ensure i get the surgery the quickest in the public health service.

Following that I didnt go to the gym thursday night and i was suppose to work today but doc said no to im resting and taking it easy. I feel better...still some tightness in the area but not sore like it was. My scales also jumped up over 2 days by nearly two kilos! Eek! Hopefully it will settle down pretty quickly.

I have noticed over the last few days that when i eat carbs(grains)...i definitely crave i am really trying to be careful about them. Whilst i am doing ww i am also tracking in carbs are sitting between 100-150 grams a day which is a nice amount...but most of that comes from fruit n vegies. For example today only 44 grams comes from grains. So still getting grains in but keeping it on the lowish end so as to control my carb cravings.

I am noticing too....a few days from the gym and i am actually missing it! Crazy! Who would have ever thought it.

Not much else to to watch some youtube and to relax :)


#fatfreefloozy said...

I miss the gym now too! I'm so glad that you are getting your gall stuff sorted!

Tranquility road said...

Oh gallbladder is so painful you poor thing I do hope Dr gave you some good meds
Buscopan can sometimes help

Keep me updated
Thinking of you