Sunday, March 20, 2016

Post number 2!

So....yes post number 2. I have been doing good right? I have....but....theres been one little problem. Where should i sit my calories. I have been all over the place with this and not consistent or with a plan. My trainer and food coach both felt i could eat up to about 1800 i have eaten everything in between LOL but not systematically (altho the last few days i did calorie cycle), this is one difference between calories and weight watchers...there is a very distinctive guide. You are on this many daily points and this many weeklies. Well over the weekend....i found a website. Now back tracking....calorie cycling i based off the "wendie plan" which someone in weight watchers years ago came up with....well i came across a lil calculator for cycling your points. Here is the link.... Wendie Plan on Smart Points , You simply put in your daily and weekly which day you want as your high day (i selected saturday) and then it gives it to you....which i have then put in to a note on my phone. I also used the option : based on the weight watchers board. As well as that...there is something weight watchers has over other programs...and thats the community...whether on instagram....or you tube or fb it has a BIG supportive community which i feel i need.

This in no way changes the foxy challenge....simply instead of calories ill track points. I know some parts of ww isnt perfect....but some parts of calorie counting arent either. I was doing well with ww...and ive also done well since...i just feel ww is something i should stick with at least for the moment. I do like the structure long term of the meetings...their products (not the food but things like their scales, recipe books, magazines etc)

I know it seems i change my mind a lot (womens perogative!) the difference is in the past i was looking for the "miracle cure" .... i was continually looking for week 1 results....this isnt about that.....its about testing a few things....and going back to ww because it gives me the structure that at this point of my journey i feel i need :) I suspect when I weigh in tomorrow i will be quite close to getting my first 5% as well :)

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#fatfreefloozy said...

I'm really interested is sussing out the new weight watchers system. It sounds a little more personalised. Good Luck on the 5%