Sunday, March 20, 2016

12 Week Challenge | Week 2 Day 7

So tomorrow is weigh in day...having had such a high loss last week (2.8 kilos) unless something miraculous happens not expecting a big loss in the morning. But its fine. I was stressing a bit about it earlier in the week...but goodness...i lost 2.8 kilos last week....its not about who can lose the most in a in my mind i am kinda expecting about 300 grams...and i will take it and own it :)

The reason I am not there is no reason on earth for me to feel bad. I have eaten well. I have exercised pretty intensely 4 times last week. I am doing all the right things...and if I consistently keep doing the right things...then the progress will happen.

Tomorrow is the last day before I head back to work :( Ive become quite accustomed to this non working life LOL and I do actually think its much easier when you are at home with time to make all your own meals. At work we have a cafeteria on the floor i am the mornings all i can smell is bacon! LOL And i am a fan of their bacon and egg sandwich....definitely easier at home :)

But i just have to stay with what i am doing and be a lil prepared. Shortly i am about to go boil up half a dozen eggs so i have them for my snacks.

Of course easter is at the end of the week. I am working good friday and easter saturday (lucky me eh?)...usually work would on good friday have hot cross buns for us....if they do i will have one (or maybe half) and fit it into my calories. As for often gives us kinda hoping they dont and then ill just buy a small wait and see... but i will have something (i mean...come on....its chocolate!) but will fit it into calories....ill prolly eat whatever on since i am back to calorie cycling....saturdays is currently 2000 calories so fitting chocolate in that day would be best (and not sunday when only 1400 LOL)

Okay not much else to say....will be back with weigh in results tomorrow sometime! :)

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