Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Future

Something funny happens when you start losing weight, doing good and you become proud of yourself - you stop thinking just in the moment. You start thinking about your future, your goals, what you want for yourself, and I am so happy that part of me has been ignited again. :)

When I lost the weight before I had some goals...I really wanted to eventually build a website that housed not just my journal (and well now other social media) but also allowed me to build on it. I still have that desire, I still have that goal to do online nutritional coaching (at a affordable rate, when the time is right for me, and specifically for women 130+ kilos) I feel by the time I have got to goal this time I will have the mindset and understanding to do this. Online coaching is a big thing these days but in my opinion its not very affordable and yanno...just cos someone lost 10 kilos I personally dont think that qualifies them, even if they do have some credentials. Having by that stage lost 90-100 kilos, having struggled as I have, having the good nutritional knowledge (which i certainly do), the understanding that its not a case of "just eat less and move more", the biggest part is the mindset, and a big part of that is getting accountability and support....which is how i would like to fit in to peoples journeys.

I have always had other thoughts as part of this....and i think the online coaching would come second to some other things. One of the first things I want to do when I get to goal is have a professional fitness photo I could actually well one have some photos i love but also so i have professional images for social media, the website etc. My plan would then be to start small....firstly get the website the way i want it and then maybe look at writing some ebooks on nutrition, my journey etc, and i would also then ultimately like to travel with this...say i had a few online clients in sydney....i go to sydney for a week or so..and then run some face to face sessions with people if they wanted them....maybe it would be going on a walk with some people showing enjoyable ways outside of the gym to be active....or even just with one person alone....maybe meet up for a meal again as a group or one on help either discuss the issues, tips for eating out, it not only allows for one of my goals of not only gives people a chance to meet me and do a face to face session (which may help increase trust and therefor accountability) but a way for people to meet others in the area who are going thru what they are going thru without a long term committment of leaving their home (which when you are bigger can be a consideration)

For those who dont know....i would definitely say im a nutrition nerd LOL. I was in a group food coaching session the other day and the person running it was talking about protein bars/powders and she said to the group....Karyn is the one you want to talk about this stuff....and then i started prattling off the macros of quest bars....and one girl had a stunned look on her face lol was kinda funny. But I do enjoy talking nutrition...I enjoy reading about while a lot of people who lose weight want to become a bikini model or maybe a personal trainer....for me its always been nutrition. Ever since I realised this was what I wanted to do 7 or 8 years ago....ive always felt this is something that i am just meant to do. As sappy as it know they say...find what you love and do that? As much as it has been dormant for the last few years...this is what I focus solely on my own personal goal...and then help others achieve theirs :)

As to today LOL. Things are good. Below is a pic from today...119.6 kilos. 6.5 weeks back on track and 8.9 kilos down :) I can certainly see the waist coming in and i feel "tighter" .... so happy with where everything currently is and is going! :)

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