Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week 2 Day 4 | Progress beyond the scales

Today was a big gym day! I did a 30 minute cycle class....i then had a 30 minute break where I finished my BCAAs,,,had a banana then i did a 5 minute warm up...high incline slow speed on the treadmill...stretched out my calves (this has been helping my achilles soooooooooooooo much!) then did a PT session for a hour...which was back, biceps and core. One of the good things today was in my previous program i had Pallof Presses using the cable machine...i HATED them. OMG they were seriously so hard, and while they look pretty simply they exhausted me beyond belief. Well did them today...and i did one set and my trainer was like how was that...and i was like...they were actually tolerable today! LOL She ended up putting the weight up a few times (altho im not sure if it was higher then previously or not) just from that one exercise i could tell i am getting stronger.

Ive also noticed this week my step ups are easier....and my trainer thinks my core muscles are improving in strength too. Im also noticing i am coping much better with my sessions. Like a cycle class and THEN a double PT? And i didnt even feel like dying afterwards haha! Amazing what dedicating urself to the gym and in a few short weeks...improvements ;)

Tomorrow morning i am going to do our weekly workout for the challenge which is a lil cycle circuit thing and then doing a 30 minute PT session of boxing. Saturday morning I will do body pump. I go back to work on tuesday...and so will be working tuesday to my exercise will look like this:

monday: PT chest (AM)
               30 minute boxing and 60 minute body balance (PM)
tuesday: RPM + PT legs
wednesday: Treadmill (incline work) and yoga
thursday: Double PT (back/bicep + core)
friday: weekly workout
saturday: rest day
sunday: 6km walk

Food wise things have been going good, but have decided mentally I am ready to start calorie cycling. Its always worked a treat for my body so back to it starting today...hopefully that will keep my metabolism chugging along.

Today i did have a bit of a desire for a yiros (I have only eaten foods prepared at home for the whole challenge so far) but i resisted.....not to say i wont have one (maybe saturday night) but i want it to be planned....not a spur of a moment thing.

Okies off i go....enjoy all :)

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