Wednesday, March 16, 2016

12 Week Challenge | Week 2 Day 3 | Progress much as I whinge and complain at the gym (and trust me i do!) I am definitely feeling better and better. Last night i did a RPM class then a PT session. It is over a year since I did RPM. I sweated....I mean people I had sweat making its way up my nose somehow lol...I also did about 20 minutes slow walking but on a high incline (8%) on the treadmill and then did a PT session which was chest and triceps. The incline of 8% just proves how much my achiles have improved...had absolutely no pain....not that long ago 3% killed :) Then this morning I went in, I needed to do a short fitness test so did that, then again went on the treadmill with the 8% incline and then did a PT session of legs. I will go back later tonight for a group food coaching session,

This morning after 5 days of pretty much maintaining the scales dropped again :) So while not my official weigh in day...did hit 9 kilos lost since feb 4...honestly im not sure if ive ever lost that much in such a short period of time and while doing a lot of weight work....I am trying to increase the cardio but not doing heaps of cardio. So I slid out of the 120's and down to 119.5 kilos :) I am aiming to lose a kilo per week (a big ask i now) i need to be 119.3 kilos or lower by monday to do that this definitely on track for that.

Foodwise I am really enjoying the food on the 12 week challenge. I have found a breakfast i LOVE (4 egg whites and 50 grams of ricotta cheese cooked like a pancake which i serve with some berries and some maple syrup nom nom nom) and i just had a mediteranean pasta dish for lunch...and tonight its a salad with smoked turkey, dried cranberries and salad-y items. And the other great thing is i am noticing it with my clothes. I am now in 2 of my size 16 running bare tops, And I am down into size 20 jeans....which is still a very large size but im making progress. It seems crazy to think by the end of this challenge i could be within 10 kilos of double digits! If i keep consistent...double digits is definitely attainable this year :) Which means soooooooooooooo many clothes for me to fit into ! LOL


jen said...

awesome progress

Tranquility road said...

Under 120 you rock
So proud of you