Friday, August 14, 2015

Update :)

So it always seems like lots is going on lately!

So it looks like...possibly I will soon be doing 4 PT sessions a week lol. I have quite a number of sessions owing to me...about 12....and so i am thinking i will increase the sessions to 3 a week then out of my "surplus" use one each week...that would see me doing 4 sessions a week for about 3 months...which could be a awesome kick in the pants for me ;)

My nutrition these days is MOSTLY still needs some work...but I know if I stick at it...eating clean 80% of the time...calorie cycle....the weight loss will come. The hardest thing for me has been settling into a gym routine. Mostly because when I start to exercise (like a lot of us) the scales often stall...fluctuate or even slightly gain. I know its just my body adapting and retaining fluid as part of the recovery process but its hard for the mind to grasp that when you know if you watch your nutrition and dont exercise you tend to lose around a kilo a week. But the exercise is really REALLY important for me. I already know from past experience excess skin will be a issue for me. Ive already started to notice on my thighs starting to get some excess skin/wrinkly

So hopefully its not too far away till i can start 4 PT sessions a week...hopefully within a month or so. The reason why I have to wait is the gym is hiring a couple of new they dont have a lot of trainers in the evenings...and dont actually have anyone i could do a couple of sessions ... patience ;)

I finally have a timer app on my camera i can take photos with while using a this weekend i am going to take some decent photos...that really show my body...not ones I am holding my phone in LOL...gonna take some front view and side view ones and hopefully also some of my back and my biceps lol.

Just bought s'mores protein powder...cannot wait for that in my oats tomorrow morning ;)

The good news too is...i go to Sydney next friday! Weee will be there this time next excited....should be a fun weekend away...and 4 days away from work will be awfully nice!

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Sean Anderson said...

You're rocking and rolling, Kazz! I think, as you exercise more and the scale slows a little, holding tight to the truth of the matter will be critical--The truth is, you're doing fantastic things. You're doing the things that honor your commitment to self and because of that, the results will come. Wonderful post.