Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Dexa scan and sprained ankles

A lot has happened in 24 hours! LOL

Yesterday I went to the gym for PT. We were doing a pile of exercises where I was leaning on the carpet...pushups...mountain climbers...burpees etc....and from carpet friction and ripped a bit of skin off!

I then left the gym...went and bought new shoes....they are very swish! Asics 2000...dark purple with some mint on it....cost a bucketload $190 but ive had the same model previously (different colours) so know they are great to wear :) Also went and bought Karin Slaughters new book :)

I then went and had a dexa scan done. So I was getting a scan done and having a consultation with a exercise physiologist. The first sad bit of news! lol is they couldnt fit the whole of me in the scan LOL..but she explained as long as we get the full half of you we are fine...she is pretty confident in 3 months when i get it redone i will be able to be fully done. My body fat percent came in at 43%. Which is less then I expected. I then talked about goal setting .... so basically the aim is to lose 2 kilos per month...and over 3 months to build 400 grams of muscle. By doing that I should end up at 38.7% by the start of november.

My big question for her was...how much cardio vs weights i should do. So she basically told me firstly to do some focus on my core....so she recommended pilates, yoga, body balance etc. So i will start doing body balance and yoga each week. She didnt think i needed to have a big focus on actual weights at the moment. She thought to focus on body weight training is enough...but to keep in mind as I get smaller will be easier...and at that point start to moving towards free weights and machine weights.

Cardio wise she said the key is variety...a mix of steady state cardio....HIIT....different pieces of equipment.

She did say if i do weights i need to do 3 sets of 12...and reps 8-12 should be a struggle. If its a struggle before rep 8 its too heavy a weight....if its easy at rep 12 its time to increase.

She also told me to have one rest day per week...and make that a different day each week (ie not every sunday) and to have a treat meal (like a dessert) once a week....on a day that is not a rest day...again...this is on a different day each week.

So with all that said....I think doing classes is the way to go at the moment...so ive planned next weeks workouts....they will look like this:

monday:PT and zumba
tuesday:PT and body pump
wednesday: yoga and 30 minutes boxing moves and some upper body weight stuff
thursday:RPM + TTT
friday: Body pump
saturday: rest day
sunday:6km walk

Anyway so after i came home from the scan...Im like one step from my back door and i rolled my ankle! Turns out i have sprained it (altho not a bad sprain) .... ended up on some gravel so got a nice gravel rash and bruising on my arm! lol. So needless to say...no gym the next few days...will let it heal...if I feel up to it i will get a walk in on sunday. I feel like i have a plan of action now ... despite my sprained ankle LOL....looking forward to getting into it next week :) Weigh in day tomorrow...hoping for a good loss :)

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