Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Where I am at :)

So I am in a much better frame of mind :) I decided to stick to 1800 calories. Yesterday morning tania messaged me to catch up for dinner...and THEN i found out work was putting on a free lunch (soft tacos or hamburger and fries) I opted for a sandwich since I was going out. When I went for dinner....I did look at getting a chicken dish but they were pretty much all with a cream sauce...I ended up getting a hamburger...which was HUGE.. so definite dose of iron got into my system (which never hurts me since my iron stores are so ridiculously low) also came with hot chips....must admit I ate 4 of those chips...but the rest i left...but considering how my mindset has been the last few weeks I was impressed with that.

I had really got into a "this is too much effort" kinda mind set. But catching up with Tania for dinner really helped. I talked about how I suck at group things and how the military miss wasnt really suitable for my personality...and I just felt better talking to someone who got what I was saying.

Ive always been very "im not interested in competing...the only competition is with myself). We discussed our sydney trip in 3 weeks time...I think spending 4 days together will be good we will rub off on each other and motivate each other more...we are definitely planning for the odd treat (like Lindt Cafe) but both definitely wanna stay on track and we are planning.

Tomorrow I am going in for a food coaching session. I need to get back completely on track with a plan.....Im just one of those people who need a plan! LOL...hopefully between now and early next week...I will work this all out for my nutrition and exercise.

So when I got on the scales this morning...they said 118.6 the time I go to Sydney on August 21 I want that to be under no massive losses needed but about 600 grams per week would work nice. :)

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