Sunday, August 16, 2015


I have always strongly believed in balance whilst on your weight loss journey. I feel its really important to not only be aiming for physical health but also mental health. Ive also believed that you need a balanced approach not a obsessive approach.

When I look at priorities in my is number one. The main thing tho I need to attend to on a daily basis is work...without work I cannot pay for good food, gym memberships, PT sessions etc etc so its a very important cog :) After that comes my weight loss...I have said it before...this is more then about losing 10 kilos of "vanity pounds" this is literally about saving my life and never weighing 173.1 kilos again.

After that I have aimed for things to be life, hobbies, friends, etc etc. And I truly believe all that but I feel my "balance" is out of balance. Going out socialising has become quite the thing for I am no partier LOL...but just going out for meals regularly...which generally mean an abundance of calories. At work...when they give out cake, chocolate, food for special events etc etc...I have taken a much more "i wanna be normal so I am having some approach"

I feel right now...apart from my job....everything else needs to take a back seat and my eating and exercise take a priority. I need to step inside me (if you get what i mean)...and focus on me...and my goals....not how others percieve "normal" or gym sessions need to be appointments....I need to stop cancelling gym sessions....for a bunch of lame reasons..."oh i want to sleep in".... "oh i want to socialise with that person".... I need to put me completely no cancelling gym sessions for ANYTHING or ANYONE....others wouldnt do it for me...and to be honest I am getting tired of saying yes to everything...yet its not reciprocated. Now none of this is said in anger or whatever....its just time to put me first and above everyone else (and anyone who matters and cares about me would agree).

So with that plans this week are:

mon : Double PT session
tuesday : PT session
wednesday : Food coaching plus some weight work.
thursday: TTT class
Friday: Rest day (flying to sydney)
Saturday: Rest day (Sydney)
Sunday: 10km walk around manly :)

My intention to is to do 20 minutes of cardio after every session...even tho I am usually dead...going to try and hit the xtrainer for 15 minutes and 5 minutes on the stair climber....gonna blast this fat if its the last thing I do. :)

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