Thursday, August 20, 2015


I am in a food coaching session last night and Lauren says "i notice you only come to the gym when you have a PT session...".....can we say busted? LOL it is true. And when I trained with fiona it was true...I trained 4 days a week back then....monday...tuesday...thursday...saturday....but they were all BIG days. I was fit enough to do back 2 back classes...a PT session and then finish off with some cardio. These days I am not that fit ;) So the answer is I need to be a LOT more consistent, if I am only fit enough to do 60-90 minutes a day....thats just needs to be something that is done most days if not all days. By that I know rest days are important...but for days have become turning into a sloth in front of netflix....not like the old days where a "rest day" for me would be a day where i "just" walk.

I also want to start focus more on variety and clean, nutritionally dense foods. I use to go to the markets after the gym on a saturday...pick up organic meat...i wouldnt shop for my fruit n veg at the local foodland I would instead go to the markets. So once I get home from Sydney I will be building that back into my routine...Im keen for not only more organic chicken but also turkey.

ANOTHER thing i havent done is....OP SHOPPING! I used to do it a lot...and it was always encouraging and now I am getting smaller (I lost another 18 centimetres when my measurements were done last night :)) I need to start finding clothes in size 16 & 18 so I have some cute clothes to grow into. When I get back I also NEED to buy new current ones I can take off without undoing the zipper or button LOL they are kinda like trackpants now ;)

Tomorrow morning we go to Sydney! A holiday so you would think thats being off track and eating all the foods i can find right? NOPE....taking my breakfasts....will buy some quest bars and fruit when I get their tomorrow. Lunch and dinner I plan to try and find nutritionally dense foods. We are planning to go to Lindt cafe at some point...and that will be my treat (but within my calories) ... so my main focus while in sydney will be...stay under aware of sodium high foods...and eat foods with lots of nutrients :) Activity wise...ive charged my fitbit charge HR and want to earn at least 10,000 steps a day....Im kinda seeing Sydney as a time to just focus on nutrition....then when I get back...tuesday....into getting active and a good routine going with the gym. :)

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