Tuesday, August 25, 2015

And the holiday is over.....

Back from my holiday! And sick :(

Bahahah....actually i am improving already (yay)

The holiday was good....its nice to get away to somewhere completely....to have that time out to give thought to you and only you. I really thought a lot about what I want and how I want to go about getting it.

There was a discussion whilst away about relationships, goals etc... I definitely do not want a relationship at the moment...I am very focused on me right now and I dont want to lose that. My big goal for my life after this weight loss journey is definitely about sculpting the body I want and travel and possible doing something online to "pay it forward"

Anyway i came home with a dose of pharyngitis! LAWD!! But thankfully I eat so well now...and whilst i am not at goal weight...obviously eating well for most of the last 4 months obviously my insides, my immune system etc is obviously improved from last year. I have had it for 24 hours...tomorrow back to work and the gym....that wouldnt have happened last year. So while going back to the gym as I have a food coaching session...I wont go too hard....the aim will be just to do 30-40 minutes of slow steady state cardio.

As to the scales....I weighed in last wednesday morning at 117.2 kilos....i then did a weight workout and the scales went up 900 grams....friday morning i weighed 118.1 kilos....this morning i was 118.3 kilos....so 200 gram gain whilst away....and considering I am sick...and have things like panadeine forte in my system...I feel pretty good....I dont think there will be a loss this week but considering travel and sickness a gain under 1 kilo is acceptable...but the last 6-8 weeks i have been fluctuating within 1-2 kilos...its time to get serious! I want to be under 110 kilos by christmas and that will take work. So time for serious focus and working out 60 minutes six times a week.

When I was in Sydney we went into autograph and I tried on this size top...size 16 and a fitted shirt...so I am planning to go get that this coming weekend. Also this weekend...after the gym on saturday going to the markets to do some nice organic food shopping! Time for super focus :)

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