Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The next month....

So tonight I feel much better :) I had some doubts and I guess confusion over whether what I was doing was right and even wondering if at my age am I too old for my body to get the weight loss thing happening.

So to back track slightly....I gained this week...1.1 kilos....why did I gain? No idea! Could be the food when I was in Sydney...whilst I think I picked good just dont know how much sodium and oil etc is used when eating out. I have had pharyngitis for the last few days...I am getting over it quite easily (quite different to last year when I was sick!) but this week I have taken lemsip and panadeine forte, plus they or just the fact my body is busy fighting germs could be contributing. Lack of exercise....Ive done no PT this week due to being sick and travelling...and while yes I did walk in Sydney and hit a minimum of 10,000 steps per day....what I know my body needs is intensity...1 hour of intense cardio will do way more for my body then 20,000 steps will ever do.

So I talked to Lauren (my food coach) and we decided on for a few things...I am 118.3 kilos on my scales this morning....and we will review things on september 23....we wont change calories or anything between now and then. So calorie cycling with a average of 1485 calories. No carbs (as in grains) after 2pm (including fruit...I will need to eat my fruit in the morning), vegetables predominantly green ones...hello spinach and bok choy! and aiming for as clean as possible.

Exercise wise....going to mostly focus on cardio....I will do pump once a week...prolly some weights in PT....but nothing overly heavy. I always did pump when I lost my weight before...and that its lighter weights/higher repition I think prolly works as it does add a cardio component to it.

I have decided to walk the city to bay...which is on september 20 (nothing like deciding 3 weeks before hand!) So my plan on sundays for the next few weeks is to walk 10kms each sunday....if I know I can do 10kms....then 12kms will be fine (after all when I ran it I had never run more then 10kms before hand) I am also going to do 20 minutes on the cross trainer per day to try and help build up my cardio.

Anyway....tomorrow I am resting and friday is up in the air (I will be at the gym just not sure what I will be doing yet....maybe yoga?) but starting saturday the next 9 days will look like this:

saturday : pump and balance
sunday : walk 10kms
monday : 1 hour PT and 20 mins cross trainer & walk up 7 flights of stairs
tuesday : 30 mins PT and 20 mins cross trainer & walk up 7 flights of stairs
wednesday : 20 minutes cross trainer + a cardio workout 1 (see below!)
thursday : RPM or TTT + 20 mins cross trainer + walk up 7 flights of stairs
friday : cardio workout 2 + 20 minutes on cross trainer
saturday : pump and balance
sunday : walk 10kms

cardio workout 1:

2.5km walk/jog
1000 metre row
40 burpees (against bench or using bosu ball)
40 pushups
40 jumpsquats holding 10 kilo plate
80 reps on leg press machine (95 kilos)
40 side steps with elastic band

cardio workout 2:

walk up 7 flights of stairs
row 500 metres
100 boxing jabs
1 minute battle ropes or skipping
100 upper cuts
1 minute battle ropes or skipping
100 hooks
15 reverse crunches
15 crunches
row 500 metres

Towards the end of next week I will post the following weeks it will slightly change as I am on earlier starts at work for a few weeks which means getting to all the classes I want to do is much do-able.

Stick to my calories and exercise and hopefully on september 23 I will be a much smaller number then 118.3 kilos! :)

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