Friday, August 28, 2015

Back to the gym...

I ended up having today off from work so I scheduled a PT session. Just a 30 minute session. I am like 80% over this cold but thought it was important to get back into a routine...and I have committed to going in for body pump tonight. My big focus right now is building my gym routine.

I have decided at least in the short term to kinda pull myself in a bubble...this journey just needs to have my focus 100% so I am planning to limit/restrict the socialising for a while. I know you dont need to do that....but at this stage I feel like socialising turns into for me too much of how can i fit in A, B & C and ultimately leads to some unwise just for a lil while I am going to say no a bit so i can really keep my nutrition in check.

Starting next week I am also going to have another personal trainer. I am still training with Stacey on tuesday nights and monday nights short term will be a double PT session with the new trainer (who I have heard nothing but good things about) ultimately i want to do PT over 3 nights per week and that will hopefully come with time :)

After the gym today I went clothes shopping :) I went to city chic and bought some new jeans. My current ones are a size 22 and are so loose I can take them off without undoing the button or zipper (they are more like trackie pants these days LOL) I was hoping with all the centimetres I have lost I might be down to a size 18....but alas no. Size 20. But they are a good fit. Only annoying thing is I see again how big my thighs are .... its not so obvious with the super loose ones :)

I then went to Amart as I have a $150 voucher for there....bought a set of weight lifting gloves (which my precious hands were very desperate for!)...a black crop top for under my clothes....a black kinda netted tshirt...which is super nice...really flattering....and also a orange tank top...they were all sizes 18 and nice fits.

Today is only a 1200 calorie day...all going good so far. I had oats and protein powder for breakfast....lunch i had a whole 237 grams of salmon (my new favourite food) with soba salad (I have included a pic below of it)...and I am about to have a mint chunk quest bar and dinner will be a omlette with ham, some cheese and vegies....still leaves me with 100 calories spare :)

Salmon and Soba Noodle Salad

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