Saturday, August 29, 2015

Finally....MFP premium for kazz :)

I got a lil excited today when I discovered I can now get premium MFP. I have been hanging out for this...and to say i was excited was the understatement of the year :)

I got it for one month to trial it...but next month i will pay for a full year of it. The bonus of it, being a calorie cycler it allows me to set a calorie range different for each day. Which means I dont have to rely on the note app on my phone where I would keep this info :) It also allows you to put ur macros in by grams. For anyone who doesnt know....macros...refer to protein, carbs, and fat... for my protein i basically set it at 1 gram per pound of lean body mass...which is 137 aim is to hit that as a minimum. My fat goal i set to 39 grams every day except saturday which is my high calorie day....and thats basically to prevent me going on a carb binge on saturdays LOL...and also allow me to have one day a week that i can easily fit in some nut butters or avocado etc. This really allows me to manipulate my calories...and also just cos its a higher calorie day ... wont necessarily more carbs. On my 1600 calorie days my carbs will spike to 175 grams of carbs....while my 1800 calorie day as I am having higher fat the carbs will only be 110 grams. Overal my carbs will vary from 109 grams to 175 grams. This is a very different way of doing it for me....and I will watch it and see how it goes. I know without a doubt my body likes change and responds best to not the same thing everyday. This is keeping to the same calorie cycle pattern I have been doing for the last week or just manipulates the balance of the macros :)

So I have tracked for the next 7 days. I also found to hit these macros i needed to really eat clean, and I think its time to really knuckle down on that. Prolly the only thing thats not clean I am eating is one quest bar per day and protein powder. Its also led me to some different meals (next saturday 2 pieces of toast with egg, tomato, and avocado on it for lunch....yes please!). Its also bought my sodium down most day is around 2000 mg the rest of the days between 1200 and 1700 happy with that....the really high sodium day is 4 days before weigh in plenty of time for me to lose any fluid i might retain from that slight increase. So I feel good about all that...if I stick to it...theres no reason for the scales to get moving!

A lil sore from PT and pump yesterday...mostly my triceps...but nothing too bad. I was getting some pain in my elbow...was after the squat track...think it was from having my elbow bent...maybe i had too much tension in my forearms holding the bar...I know ive had the issue before when doing the will keep a eye on that.

Enjoy ur weekend all!

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