Thursday, September 03, 2015

Xmas Goal...

Again i am overdue a post! ;)

Weightloss wise things went great this week !! My changes to the macros seemed to work really well and I lost 2.4 kilos. :) Today we had a free lunch at macros werent perfect but i came in under calories which is the main thing.

NOW. Ive decided to set a real HUGE goal. I think I have a tendancy to be complacent so think I need something to strive for that needs me working at it every single day to get to it. And the goal I have decided on would make me deliriously happy if i met it :) And ta-da....that goal is to weigh 99.9 kilos or less by the time I fly out on December 21. As of this morning I weigh 115.8 kilos...and I have approximately 3.5 months to do it is do able but will need me to be focused 150%! My eating out and social occassions I want to keep to a very bare minimum. I want this to be my total focus.

So how so I think I will meet this goal since its taken me nearly 5 months to lose 11.3 kilos????

Well I think with the focus on macros and calorie cycling I have happening now...I feel I have the nutrition on target as long as I stick to it. In regards to exercise .... wellllllllllllllllllllllll! LOL I have a number of spare PT starting next week I am increasing to 4 PT sessions a week. I need to work out 6 days a week....and some days when I cannot get to the gym (like saturdays coming up I will be working) I will do a workout at home....and as day light savings isnt too far away....on sundays (as i will be working some sundays soon) i will do some walks in the evening. So my plan for exercise for the next 10 days is:

saturday : body pump + 20 minutes cross trainer
sunday : 6km walk
monday : body balance + PT
tuesday : 45 minutes cardio + PT
wednesday : PT + 20 minutes cross trainer
thursday : body pump + PT
friday : 20 minutes cardio + body pump
saturday : body pump + body balance
sunday : 6km walk

Ideally to meet this goal by works out like this....there is 109 days from today (lol)...which means I need to average 1.02 kilos (lol...just for exact measure) per week. Which means if I lost 4 kilos this month (so am 111.8 or less) by October 1.....then I am slightly ahead of my goal target.

I cannot even explain how happy it would make me to get down to under 100 kilos....this photo is me at about 98 kilos previously

I mean....come on seems insane to think I could look like that before the year is out! The other good thing is if I did meet this goal....I would be in a range where for my joints it would feel safe enough for me to start running again. So thats the goal....that i think consistency with my nutrition and hard work is completely achievable!

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Tranquility road said...

Oh this is so exciting ... And 1kg a week so doable 😱😱😱