Thursday, July 16, 2015

Weigh in result :)

So yesterday was weigh in day :) And i lost 600 grams taking me down to 116.6 kilos. My body fat also dropped to a low of 43%. Im pretty happy with that number.

I remember last year going out for dinner one night. I was between 117.6 kilos (yes i remember the number i was so traumatised!), anyway i was getting ready and went to put on this jumper I own. Its a stunning, gorgeous jumper from susans that I paid $90 had always been a loose fit style...anyway i put it on....and it was friggin too tight around my arms....MY ARMS! OMG i was devestated! I dont think I talked about anything else that whole dinner lol. So now I am under that....hopefully at some point it will fit me again! lol

The scales were up a tiny bit today...but I am not stressing as I have done a combo of weights and cardio the last 3 nights and do have a lil DOMs so quite likely retaining some fluid. I didnt go to the gym tonight. Last night i was exhausted and asleep at 9.45pm and still asleep when my alarm went off at 6.30am. Tomorrow night I will go in and do body pump and try and fit some treadmill intervals before the class...will be a tight squeeze cos the gym closes at 7pm on friday nights.

Fernwoods Military Miss starts on monday. I am definitely planning to do ALL their workouts (and will prolly do 30 minutes running intervals most days as well) and had my to-ing and fro-ing about their eating plan...but am going to stick to it for the first week or so and see how it goes. Its basically 1200 calories...but...its designed for someone who is pear the right amount of carbs, protein etc. There is only one snack that I dont think I could make myself eat....the rest is all doable...there is a hot breakfast on 2 weekdays...but going to see if i can premake them on monday then just take them to work and maybe heat them up...not sure if that will work or not...might just have to force myself up 15 minutes earlier those days.

My diet coke has increased again the last few days argh!! Need to focus on keeping that to only 2 a day - goal of the week!

I do have something exciting possibly in the works...cannot say yet and wont till I know it will definitely will occur....but lemme say if it is BIG!! Cross ya fingers and toes for me :)

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