Saturday, July 11, 2015

Those scales...

The scales were up by 1.3 kilos this morning...I actually wasnt surprised....not because of bad eating ;) but I knew returning to the gym would lead to fluctuations. So I am staying consistent food wise and reminding myself I did gain fat...and what goes up MUST come down! ;)

Tomorrow presuming its not raining I decided I will go into the gym and do day 1 of the buff dudes program...I will do the odd day here and there to fill in until i start that program properly :) then I will do 30-45 minutes of cardio. I did manage to get to 6 minutes on the stepper on wednesday night...tomorrows aim would be 7 minutes....and since its likely the gym would be quiet...maybe i could do a test run of some jogging on the treadmill :)

I mentioned on the other post that I had signed up for Military Miss which includes bootcamp on tuesday night...then last night I got thinking and was like...oh i think i made a mistake this is gonna be horrid LOL but then I got thinking about it today. Im really not a group person....I still in a lot of ways see myself as that 173 kilo girl...and well I know i suck at a lot of athletic/fitness things...but I do need to get over this so I will go to any part of the gym...any class....and just do my thing....without worrying about what others are thinking of while i may not enjoy it...i think those 6 weeks of boot camp mentally will be helpful to me...prolly more so then physically.

My trainer is away for 10 monday I will have a different trainer...someone ive known for a few years altho I have never done a session with that should be interesting and then I will do pump after. So my plan for exercise this week is:

sunday: week 1 day 1 buff dudes and 30-45 mins cardio
monday: 1 hour PT session plus body pump
tuesday: week 1 day 2 buff dudes and 30-45 mins cardio
wednesday: week 1 day 3 buff dudes and 30-45 mins cardio
thursday: RPM + 10 minutes stepper
friday: Body pump
saturday: Rest day
sunday: week 2 day 1 buff dudes and 30-45 mins cardio

I think in a perfect world my cardio by myself would become a combination of the stepper, cross trainer and intervals on the treadmill...not sure about the intervals on the treadmill the other 2 are definitely doable.

Not much else to say :)

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