Thursday, July 09, 2015

Oh a lot of thinking...

So I have been doing a chitload of thinking!

I am really so happy with my progress to date. The amount of centimetres I am losing is great and the scales are slowly going down. But there are a number of things I need to switch up or focus on.


This is a biggie. Yes I am still going to drink a small amount of diet coke, but regardless of that I really want to get my water intake to be higher and consistent. I have a 1.25 litre bottle...which I need to learn to carry everywhere! I really want to drink 3 of it per day.... so 3.75 litres. It prolly sounds like a lot....but I am a camel haha....ever since I was a kid...always want a drink....I am one of those people who cannot even fathom a meal or snack unless I have a drink to go with it. So for me it is actually realistic.


I havent really focused on this of late. Its not that I eat no protein....altho could prolly eat more from natural sources....I eat protein powder in my oats every day....and a quest bar everyday (and I wont even mention the protein chips i have on order!) but I need to start having more things like chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, greek yoghurt etc. I really want to aim for 130 grams of protein whether on a low calorie day or high calorie day (if you look at this....this would ultimately lead me to carb cycling)


Now see I love berries...especially blackberries and raspberries. They are a super good food....nutritionally dense for small amount of calories....yet I avoid them cos of cost...yet I will go spend money on all these protein powders and yep they are expensive....but time to suck it up....I want to start to incorporate them in everyday.


So i signed up for Military Miss thru Fernwood last night. It starts July 19 and goes for 6 week. And I fully intend to follow it completely including ALL the exercise....the only limitation will be due to work I can only make it to one bootcamp session a week...but all the daily exercises, fitness tests etc I will do. That will run till the end of August.
Once it is finished I am going to throw myself into a progressive, strength program. The one I am currently looking at doing is "buff dudes" which is a 12 week program. It starts of with 3 full body workouts a week and transitions to 5 split workouts a week...but I would prolly do 4 (so would take me a lil longer to complete it) as I will be doing 2 PT sessions per week as well. I like this program cos it isnt just based on the 4 big compound moves (deadlifts, squats, benchpress, shoulder presses, and bicep curls) I know a lot of people swear by those 5 big moves especially body builders....but I dont want to be restrictive nor am I likely to ever get into body building lol. One of the things I really like about the program is there are some mobility stretches you do each day plus 5 days a week you do cardio as well...My opinion (and people can disagree with me) but I want to focus on the lil muscles as well as the bigger muscles. I think that will help me to get lean all over.

I watch a lot of fitness channels....and 2 i love are both of females doing bikini prep...and one of the girls specifically....who is kinda becoming a fitness idol of mine! She while training for a bikini competition and obviously lifts weights....her workouts are so much more....she isnt a runner but she does a lot of different stuff...unique weight exercises....agility work....and her body is banging (lol) and thats what I like....I dont want to just be able to lift heavy stuff altho of course I want to be strong....but I also want to eventually (lol) be able to do a proper burpee or pushup....or have a trainer throw a circuit at me and while it be hard work fully do the exercises....I think everyones fitness can always be evolving....and there are SO many things i cannot do fitness wise (im a klutz lets face it....athleticism is not my natural talent) but I really just want to work on making my body not only look better, minimising excess skin as much as possible but also making my body adaptable so I can do a range of from a pullup to a pushup....some running to a major deadlift.

I think that was everything I planned to say! haha! :)

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