Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Weigh in day

So weigh in day :) I lost 400 grams so that is 9.9 kilos in the last 13.5 weeks and currently weigh 117.2 kilos - super happy with this :) I was hoping for a bigger loss but I went back to the gym monday and i think it may take 4-6 weeks for my body to adjust. Right at the moment I have a lot of upper abs...butt...inner thighs. So monday I did a hour PT session and 45 minute body pump class and last night about 20 minutes cardio and a 30 minute PT session. Tonight just going to do some cardio. I am trying to get use to the did 5 minutes on it last night at level 3 - and I was sweating like crazy...tonight I will do 6 minutes and then 20 minutes on xtrainer and 20 minutes on the treadmill on a incline.

The other thing I have noticed today I am may need to guage that...I didnt wear my HRM on monday but sure i burnt 600-900 calories....last night in a hour i burnt 603 calories...I am still calorie cycling but if need be will look at adding 100 calories a day (im currently averaging 1450 cals a day).

Looks like I am also going to do "Military Miss" which is a bootcamp thru fernwood.

Bottom line I feel good...I know my progress is slow...but I am very consistent with my losses...and even if over the next 4-6 weeks the scales dont move much I am sure my body shape will...taking photos will be super important between now and end of august!

I also want to spend some time doing tutorials on video editing. I had started a you tube channel...but I dont have many followers plus im a novice! LOL So I decided recently to focus on my instagram...I am focused on posting pics everyday and varying from motivational quote images I have created, to progress pics, pics of food, pics of me working out etc etc. I am hoping if I can build that up to at least 2000 followers (I have a long way to go!) I can then launch a you tube channel with some success...everyone knows I have a LOT to say! haha! So its a good way for me to "pay it forward" and its just one of my goals for fitness/weight loss/health being my future. Also by then I hope to be much better at you tube and editing videos etc :)

Time go go....enjoy your day all :)

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