Friday, July 03, 2015

Things are going good....

Things are going good....I say that a lot lately eh? But its the true....the longer I stick at it...the more differences in my body.....the more changes to my nutrition I see...the better I feel about myself and the more convinced I am that I can do this ;)

So where are things at? So I went back to calorie cycling and thats going good! I also cut back my diet coke to two cans of coke a day....but what I started to notice by only having two a day it was becoming obvious the insulin spikes. I would get hungry after having one. Ive researched this before....and when you drink something that is artificially sweetened your body detects that you have eaten/drank something sweet....but no sugar enters your it wants sugar and so u start to crave it. Obviously drinking diet coke all day was keeping the insulin at a set level. So I decided I couldnt risk those cravings and so have decided to give it up altogether....but when I say that its not exactly what I mean (confused yet?)...Im not gonna say I am giving it up....or I will never have another can of drink....simply at this time I am choosing not to drink it. I have about 6 cans left and they are in the fridge and if I really want it one day....Ill have it....but today in this moment...I am simply choosing to not have it.

The scales are stable at the moment...varying between about 117.5 and 117.9 kilos. I am not concerned about it, for one thing its like 5 days or so of being under 118 kilos....thats BIG after fluctuating between 119 and 121 kilos for weeeeeeeeeeeeeeks! Also my cycle is due...over the next 7 days or so, so I never expect losses at that time.

The good news is every day I am noticing I am either fitting into new clothes or my current clothes are getting looser on me. My jeans feel kinda ridiculous on me these days....and funnily i can take them off and put them on without unbuttoning the buttons or zipper lol

The big thing i now need to focus on tho is ATTENDING THE GYM! The last 2 weeks have been ridiculous....first I had a cold....then I cut back on the diet coke and my head was killing me then yesterday my wrist was killing me anytime I put weight onto it. Im hoping sunday to go walking and back to the gym on monday for a HOUR of PT ;) Sunday I will sit down and work out this weeks schedule...but I really need to committ to the gym 100% and I need to work exercise....I am in so many minds about it....i ie do weight training either in body splits 5-6 days a week....or 3 times a week to full body workouts....or just throw myself into classes...and the other thing is working out the of cardio to weights.....but will think of that another day! Enjoy all!

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