Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Weigh in day :)

So i weighed in and lost 900 grams! YAY :) So happy with that result.

So the scales are moving but the good thing is I am noticing some other things....for a while there anytime I slept on my stomach I would wake up with pain and a stiff no dramas I can do it with no repurcussions the next day :)

I am slowly starting to fit into some slightly smaller clothes. Today I am wearing a 2XL top...but its a fitted top super happy with that - think I may go thru my clothes this weekend!

Around my waist on the sides I am noticing the skin getting softer and some wrinkles reappearing in my stomach...and while wrinkles arent a great look they indicate to me I am getting smaller!

After cutting back to two diet cokes a day I only have a very minor headache today...back to the gym 100% tomorrow...i really need the routine. So will aim for body pump and some stair climbing tomorrow night. I will go in tonight and will prolly do a lil cardio and of course do my weigh in session :)

Not too much else to say...things are going good! Enjoying calorie cycling again...and surviving cutting back on the diet coke lol...oh and also i am a lot more active on instagram then anywhere else if you have instagram follow me at

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