Thursday, July 23, 2015

Military Miss Update

So thought it was time for a Military Miss update...but before that...weigh in :( I gained 1.7 kilos...not as bad as I expected in all honesty...but it is what it is. So at the start of Military Miss I was 119.6 kilos.

As of this morning I am down to 117.9 kilos. This week the weight has steadily been moving down.

So how has it going? Its been interesting ;)

The food side of things has been really good. Im definitely eating more vegetables, and I am discovering some new foods and recipes, which in all honesty is probably going to be the biggest takeaway from all of this for me! The calories are 1200 and the macro break up seems to be 35% for carbs and protein and 30% for fat...Im glad I have figured that out...cos even if my calories go up a lil (and they might) I want to keep those macros cos it seems to be working.

Exercise wise I think what I have learnt this week is I really need to balance this out. Monday I did a hour of PT then later that day I went in and did body balance....and then tuesday I was just exhausted! When I lost the weight before as most readers know I was a bit of a exercise junkie....and I still have that mindset. I always have that sense of "i am not doing enough" but I also need to rest...and also need to spending time preparing food....and also time to give my brain a breather...have that mental rest.

This week I did....1 hour of PT, 45 minutes body balance, 45 minutes bootcamp, 30 minutes my own workout and 20 minutes of military miss workout...not a bad effort over 4 days. Tomorrow night I am planning to do body pump.

I think the most obvious thing to how I feel about myself when it comes to exercise.Ive never been a athletic person and never will be. Lets be honest, I exercise for weight loss....not for the enjoyment of it lol. So we did a beep test at bootcamp....let me say I didnt even get to level 2 LOL. And while I realise its just a starting point....i cannot imagine it improving in 6 weeks....Im certainly not a runner ;) We also are suppose to set a fitness goal...argh....I got no idea....Ive had plenty of exercise goals over the years....hell one goal when i trained with fiona was to do pushups on my toes lowering myself low....well.....7 years later i cannot do them LOL Whilst over the years i saw improvement in my cardio fitness....Ive never really seen improvement on specific exercises.

The honest truth tho...Im not that person who wants to be able to run a certaindistance or in a certain amount of time....or go do bikini competitions or anything....its a means for weight no main concern long as I stick to my eating :)

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