Friday, July 24, 2015

Days recap....

So today hasnt been the best food day. Not the worst...just had some pieces of fruit toast I shouldnt have had. I feel like this week I have got into a bit of a cycle like the old first things first I need to stop this cycle.

So tomorrow I am eating 1470 calories...baseing it off the military miss eating plan. Just changing it a lil. Ive plugged in tomorrows food...and it comes out at 1390 calories...with a whopping 181 grams of protein and the sodium is under 2000. One thing I have noticed with this meal plan is some meals are quite high in sodium. So while i didnt initially track my calories in MFP i think its important i do that....and if a meal is too high in sodium then swap it out. That said i am finding some good snacks and meals....i made some vegie chilli balls which were made with brocolli and cauliflower which i really liked. And a coconut chicken curry dish was yummo. So those two are things I am definitely keeping in my eating. For 3 of the vegie balls it works out to 211 calories...27 grams of carbs and 7 grams of protein..but its a good way for me to get some extra vegies in.

I need to focus on my exercise a bit more this week...not as in do more...but not beat myself up so much about the exercise. I am not a athlete...I will never be a athlete...I sucked at athletic type things as a kid lil own then reaching 173 kilos...which i know...has impacted my mobility. Yes its good that I do what I do....but in my opinion i am still limited....from fear of falling...too...things like hamstrings being too simply not being able to do things! lol Its one of the reasons i love PT...i work at my level...and i am doing a exercise that no one else is i just do my best and its all good...but being in a group setting and ur the slowest or whatever i think it is hard not to beat urself up over that,,,,which i am going to work on.

Im also really sore on the back of my leg at the moment....behind the knee...not even sure why! Its been sore for about 3 days....hopefully it will settle down over the next few days.

Not much else going on....enjoy all!

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Rachel Block Smith said...

I try really hard to compare my exercise accomplishments only to myself, as in setting goals to walk faster, lift heavier, or walk further. Sometimes it's hard, though!