Saturday, July 25, 2015

Better day.

I am feeling better today...I started to realise I was falling into a old trap of mine.

Through out my whole life i have had a habit of running when things get hard...the whole thought process of "better to pull out then fail". Maybe I am not the right personality for challenges? I am sure some people thrive on them...but not me.

But yanno this isnt about a 6 week challenge for me....ive got a full 12-18 months before I will be at goal. So im gonna utilise the military miss the way it works best for need to be the best performer...I will continue to try their meals (cos i am definitely finding some yummy things to eat!)...exercise as I can (and I really think i need to apply myself more to classes) the boot camp sessions i can make it....and if i am the slowest or worse or whatever so be it....its not about how I perform in that 45 minute session...its about getting to goal and living a healthier life and not killing myself with bad food and little activity.

Im also thinking that maybe getting a you tube channel up and running would be helpful. I could talk about my shit into it...I could use it as ways to track my progress...and maybe others would get motivated by it as well. We will see!

I do know I do need new workout shoes...mine have a whole in them....doesnt even feel like i got them that long ago! (at $200 a pop) but might have to suck it up this week and go buy another pair.

Not much else going on enjoy all :)


Tranquility road said...

I miss your you tubes

Anonymous said...

Im considering going back into it....just very time want to make sure i am committed to it....dont wanna do it for 2 weeks and then go...bah ive had enough of this lol