Saturday, July 18, 2015

Getting ready for Military Miss

well! LOL. Its....ta-da! the weekend :)

So....where is things....well...okay...time to admit something...that only really occurred to me today lol. So today I came home..and noticed nearly a full bag of white chocolate bits in my cupboard. Have you ever done that thing...where u find something you like eat it it doesnt mess with your diet? (insane logic there!) yeh well i did that UGH

But so okay THAT happened...then I got thinking ..... ive been doing calorie cycling the last few weeks...and yanno my body does respond pretty good to that...but it can get confusing. And by that its hard to track macros....not that I really have....but...i have to keep a note on my phone on my pc....make sure they both match....then each night....check what the next days calories are. MFP is doing a upgrade soon (it available in the US but not here yet tho) where you can set different calories for each day of the as good as cal cycling is...its messy in that sense. Ive had too many days over the last few weeks...where ive thought....oh ill eat extra tonight...and less tomorrow...always playing catch up.

Anyway Monday is day 1 of Military Miss (salutes!) This has a set menu plan..which I am planning to follow...I will pop the calories in MFP....more so if i have some real good losses i have a record of what i ate :) It also I believe has a exercise plan...I will see exactly monday morning. Anyway tomorrow I am planning to clean out my kitchen cupboards, buy all the food for week 1...prep what food I can :) Tomorrow I am planning to eat 1400 calories.

Two other things...firstly I was talking to a friend today...we were discussing how obsessive i get about my weight loss lol and how down I can get when the scales dont to what I want. Anyway so we had this conversation and I only weekly weigh ins over the time of the Military Miss program....she was like "you know you are hopeless at lying so I will know if you dont stick with this" I will weigh in monday morning....then each wednesday morning, for at least the time of the military miss...focus on just feeling better instead of focusing on how much I have lost on the scales.

The other normally i am not a competitive person. My focus is normally on....just competing with not in a 6 week competition but a lifestyle change afterall. So competing....and putting 120% into this 6 week challenge I can only benefit from it right? So thats the challenge....100% dedication to it all...too attending the boot camp sessions (altho due to time i can only make 1 per week) 2 PT sessions per week...I am going to do every friggin exercise session they set out....and not wimp out cos i dont wanna go in the weights area lol...follow the meal plan as best i can (lets face it somethings i wont like...but ill attempt everything!)....and ill document as much as i can on instagram (i love that app!) .... ill take some pics monday morning as well. The other good thing about this challenge is your earn points for doing workouts...classes....etc hopefully it will help me get into some good routines :)

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