Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weigh in results

So the scales finally moved! YAY! I was done 2 kilos this damn happy with that.

And yanno without sounding like a big head I totally deserved that loss! Even tho with that fluid gain it was hard and i wanted to throw a rock thru a window lol....i knew my eating and working out didnt deserve a gain....I knew physically it was impossible to gain on what I had been eating. But knew I just had to stay the course and the results would eventually reflect on the scales - and they did. So as of this morning I was 119.2 kilos and on the scales at food coaching I was 119.8 definitely in the "teens"

I have been lately sneaking off into the boxing room at the gym and doing my workouts. I much prefer it....usually there is never anyone else in there....and it has quite a bit of a equipment in I can do a mix of stuff....tonight i went in there did some boxing, then did 12 reps of dead lifts (20 kilos), 3 sets of 12 bench press (first set 10 kilos, set 2 & 3 15 kilos), 12 reps of bicep curls (10 kilos), tricep extensions (7 kilos), 12 steps on each leg with 7 kilo weight in each hand, 12 pushups, 25 medicine ball throw downs and then a lil agility work....I then went on the cycle and cross trainer for a lil bit. I burnt 737 calories in 71 minutes - so that is a really good workout - very happy with that! You will notice none of my weights in the strength work is very high....the reason for that is I am more focused on cardio then strength work while I include it (and I must admit deadlifts and bench press are favourites so will prolly always feature in my workouts i create) my aim is more to lift heavy where I feel the pressure but to keep going and try to keep the heart rate this stage "heavy lifting" isnt on my agenda....maybe when at goal.

Today was my first day back at work after my very long weekend and already I am dying for the weekend! haha. What a lazy lush I am! ;)

Possibly going to get my hair cut and coloured this weekend....I want to get it done but unsure what to get done so am not rushing into it (i desperately need it tho!)

Tomorrow night will hopefully make it in time for body pump and then a 10km bike ride


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