Sunday, June 07, 2015


Last night I went out for dinner. We were going to end up in Nth Adelaide but couldnt find a park so came back to my place and went to a lil italian place at the top of my street lol. Ive had their food before but never ate in the restuarant. Its a lil family business and admittedly I went over my calories by about 300-400 calories :( But I didnt eat anything bad...Me and my friend shared a bruschetta, then I had a raviolli with amatriciana (a tomato based sauce with bacon and chilli) and then we went for a coffee (I dont drink coffee) so had a skim hot chocolate.

Then when I got home my cycle had arrived...thank gawd! Hopefully over the next few days Ill lose some of this fluid. While my calories are suppose to be under 1650 calories...Im not gonna beat myself up over 400 calories. I have no social plans next weekend so no reason not to stick to my 1650 calories.

While at dinner I was talking to Martine...and I realised....that prolly while my exercise has increased a lil...I prolly am not working out (apart from PT sessions) at the right intensity. Yanno sitting on the bike isnt exactly intensive LOL...not to say there isnt a place for steady state cardio...just not for the majority of my exercise.

When I was this weight last time....I lot of "fill in cardio" i did...cardio between classes, before PT etc....was jogging 1 minute intervals on the treadmill....but after falling last year i dont even like walking on the treadmill these days lol. I use to do combat a lot...but after falling in that class 5-6 times and the last time breaking my wrist i totally cannot do that class...i need to work out a exercise routine...that works...and will give me the losses....

My exercise program before looked like this (when i was this weight)

monday : combat or boxing plus PT
tuesday : 40 minutes cardio
wednesday : 45 mins boxing plus 45 mins studio cycle
thursday : 45 mins body pump plus PT
friday : 60 mins body pump
saturday : PT plus 30 mins cardio plus 60 mins pump plus 60 mins body balance
sunday : 60 minute walk

So in summary :

4 hours cardio at gym
1 hour walking
3 pump classes
1 body balance class
3 PT sessions

I can certainly do 2-3 pump classes a week, the body balance class I can manage, I am doing 2 PT sessions...and 1 hour of walking is do-able. What I need to work on is the 4 hours of cardio. I need to get a better workout routine...the problem is at the moment i walk into the gym and i dont go in there with "intent"....i do have a membership to Jillians site and it does give daily workouts on the app so maybe ill start to do that...dunno...I just want to work it out....and I want it to be something thats progressive...yanno that i can improve not something where its just doing some cardio for the sake of cardio if that makes sense....

So i need to give this a lot more thought...not sure what I will do yet.....but need to work this out!

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