Saturday, June 06, 2015

Saturday June 6th

So the scales did a teensy tiny drop on the scales overnight after jumping up another 500 grams yesterday. Was I concerned by that gain? Maybe slightly....but the logical side of me kicked clothes did not feel any tighter in fact if anything my jeans felt a lil looser....when i jumped on the scales my body fat was the lowest i had seen it on my scales .... plus I knew I had not eaten over my fact I had lowered them!

I realise times like this is about being consistent cos the losses have to come sooner or later. I still do think the gain is prolly fluid related to my cycle...the odd thing is that my cycle still hasnt made a appearance...oh well...nothing to do but wait it out and stay on track.

Last night i went into the gym after work and did a 60 minute body pump class. When I started going back to classes 5-6 weeks ago...first class i did (and in fact only class i have done so far lol) was body pump...and in that first class while doing the squat track i felt a twinge in my back...same spot i hurt it last ive been careful with my squats since.....being really conscious of my form and not going to deep....happily last night i went to normal depth on my squats and my back was perfectly fine.

After the gym I went and purchase a fitbit charge HR which i am super happy with...looking forward to testing it next week.

Not a heck of a lot else going on....going out for dinner tonight...I picked the restuarant....and it has a steamed barramundi dish so thats what I will be having :)

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