Thursday, June 04, 2015

Most challenging week so far

The title says it....mentally this was a hard week.

Thats due to a few things....getting sick from jumping my protein up high too quickly...then calorie cycling but realising right at the moment that 1200 calorie days are hard to implement (which I always put in my calorie cycles at least for one day)....then the scales for some bizarre reason jumped up 1.4 kilos on monday. Then tuesday some crap happened outside of my weight loss/gym etc....which made me wanna throw a tantrum and not play anymore lol

It was a bit of a struggle going to PT tuesday night....I really just wanted to go home and have some quiet time to process the gain and work it out in my head. Instead I went to the gym, I had about 45 minutes before PT and so went into the boxing room which was thankfully empty and hit the bag a lot ;) and then did some deadlifts (prolly my favourite weight exercise), some dumbbell shoulder presses and some bent over rows. (I really think I should do more barbell work when on my own - deadlifts, bench press, bicep curls, shoulder presses - notice no squat and lunges? lol I am not a fan of leg exercises lol) Then I did PT which funnily enough turned out to be boxing too LOL.

Anyway so I ended up giving it quite a lot of thought and discussed it a bit with Lauren (my food coach) and for the next two weeks my calories have been lowered to 1650 calories. Talking to Lauren last me thinking about a few the beginning i had a lil gain thanks to bacon and sodium and Lauren commented last night how I am prolly "sodium sensitive" which I think is prolly correct. We also talked about my fat content specifically for my peanut when I lost the weight before I never are peanut butter till i was prolly under 90 kilos....I rarely ate avocado....rarely ate cheese (apart from feta on salads or over vegies) I also rarely ate grains at night (maybe once a week?) and I tried to eat organic wherever possible. I dont really eat like that these days cos I have been trying to "enjoy my weight loss" but yanno I am back into the swing of things....this week I will try and avoid processed foods (not that I eat a lot...but oven fries, processed chicken etc) and I will also not have cheese (apart from feta). The benefit of cutting out cheese is two the more i think about it i did eat "low fat" when i lost my weight i dont mean i ate a pile of low fat products like low fat ice cream etc....just i didnt eat a lot of foods that were high in fat...I didnt eat a lot of avocado (in fact i only discoverred avocado when close to goal!), didnt eat a lot of cheese, olive oil. pb, nut butters etc etc Now thats not to say they are "bad foods" - they aren't. But each of our bodies reach differently to different macro and micronutrients and I am starting to wonder if for weight loss if mine responds better to the lower fat content. The other thing...and this relates specifically to cheese...has nothing to do with avocado, olive oil etc....cheese is pretty high in sodium. Like I can have a 20 gram bega cheese stringer stick...its like a lousy 59 calories and got like 5.5 grams of if you look at those details thats pretty good....but it is 140 milligrams of sodium. Now in a perfect world i like to keep my sodium about 1400-1800. I prefer not to have real fluctuations in that figure super high or super low....cos if you go super low it can appear you have lost more then you really have (fluid loss) but anyway....140 milligrams of 59 me is not a good ratio. So thats the other reason in relation to the cheese.

Today I changed my diet a lil....really the only processed food i had all day was a quest bar (and im not giving those suckers up at this point!) I ate well...prolly my biggest struggle food wise is my afternoon snack....before i would eat like cheese sticks....or a banana with i had two dates (nom nom nom) and 20 grams of like to eat something i look forward too...walnuts in all honesty while i can shove them down my gob i dont love. Funny story, we had a walnut tree when i was a kid...i use to crack those suckers open on the pavement and just eat them lol....maybe i ate them too much...cos now they seem incredibly dry to me LOL.

Anyway, so this week was challenging. I watched a video over the weekend (i think) on you tube...cos im like addicted to the fitness channels over there! But anyway one of the girls i watch is in preparation for a bikini anyway....she has been cutting and her weight loss not moving....and she commented that its times like these were you really are at a fork in the either stick to your plan....or you choose to throw it away and go off track....I am really glad and proud i stuck to the plan...consistency is key. I remember when i lost my weight before and sometimes i would have these moments where i would have unexplained gains or no movement on the scales....and sometimes would go eat bad....and the reason (well my thinking) at least then I could in my head explain the gain....and sometimes for me thats the hard part....I know fluctuations happen....but big fluctuations i need a explaination for (even if i wont always get one!) The odd thing too is....I had the gain....the following day I stayed the same and this morning i was down 100 i know the logic behind it gain 1.2 kilos of FAT i theoretically needed to it 7000 calories over my maintenance level....well i can assure you this gal did not do that! It cannot stay at this current level or keep gaining for no apparant reason...what goes up....must come down...eventually lol ;)

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