Tuesday, June 02, 2015

So today was a shit day!

So I woke this morning...stepped on the scales.....now yesterday morning i was 119.8 kilos...this morning 121.2 kilos....i nearly keeled over and had a heart attack!

I can honestly say my eating has been good. Tomorrow it is 4 weeks since my last cycle so half expecting that to make a appearance tomorrow. It is weigh in day tomorrow....and it looks like I will have my first gain :( Oh well...yanno what.....I cannot change that result....and I cannot force my body to lose weight if its holding on to it...or retaining fluid....it is what it is....the only thing I can do is ensure my plan will get me results and stay consistent.

So it played on my mind all day. I have honestly thought for a week or two i need to be on lower calories....i feel i need to be on about 1600-1650 calories. I also think I need to up the ante with my exercise. When i lost my weight before I was only eating 1520 calories when at this weight and I was burning a absolute minimum of 3100 calories a week. I would burn over 1000 calories on saturdays and 3-4 times a week burn at least 600-700 calories. So I think the exercise as well needs to increase.

Tonight I went into the gym...had like 45 minutes before PT. I went on the treadmill for 5 minutes and thought blah! So i went into the boxing room and no one was in there...so i pulled out some boxing gloves and did:

100 right jabs
100 left jabs
100 right hooks
100 left hooks
100 right upper cuts
100 left upper cuts
12 deadlifts with 15 kilos
12 bent over rows with 15 kilos
100 cross jabs
100 hooks
100 uppercuts
12 shoulder presses with 6 kilos

haha! I burnt like 350 calories for doing that lot. Funnily enough Stacey then comes and gets me for PT and says...we are doing boxing LOL. So it was definitely a cardio day and a upper body day! I really like going somewhere by myself and doing stuff (i am such a antisocial so and so) I am pretty sure that room is empty tomorrow before my food coaching session too...so I think I will do a lil legs workout in there...

Walk up 7 flights of stairs
21 weighted squats 20 kilos
21 squat jumps
21 step ups with 8 kilos
21 jumps with skipping rope
21 round house on each leg

Then 18, then 15, then 12....

Then walk up another 7 flights of stairs.

I am going to start being a lot more purposeful about my visits to the gym...not just sit there cycling in a mind numbing way on a bike!

Thats it for today...lets hope tomorrow is a better day!

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