Thursday, June 11, 2015

The pushup goal....still.....

I didnt go to the gym tonight...I should have.

I knew I couldnt make the body pump class so I thought nope not reality tho I shoulda gone and done my own workout.

When I first joined the gym all those flipping years of my goals (apart from the running goal...blah,blah) was to be able to do low pushups on my toes. I have always known obviously you need strong chest muscles, and I have always guessed strong biceps/shoulders....I didnt realise triceps play a important role in that exercise (altho why I didnt when you think about the movement is beyond me!)

I am quite pathetically weak when it comes to my triceps. Its one of the tracks in body pump where I am always scrambling for the lightest weights, altho overhead tricep extensions I am okay at....I can do those with 7 kilo dumbbells....prolly even higher....but other exercises...kick backs...skullcrushers....tricep dips i am kinda pathetic at! So i really want to several times a week incorporate barbell and dumb bell bench press, chest press machine....but also tricep exercises especially tricep be honest I dont know too many tricep exercises...tricep pushups, skull crushers, dips, kickbacks...I really need to try and focus on doing them several times a week so maybe one day I can do a half decent pushup (trust me when on my toes my arms barely bend! lol)

In another 4 weeks my work roster is changing....I will have sundays and mondays off and will be finishing at 4pm which is a fraction later then currently but will prolly workout better. Since my alarm currently goes off at 5.30am i have a lil rule that I need to be out of the gym by 6.30pm at the my alarm wont need to go off till 6.30am (yay) so i can stay at the gym till as late as 7.30pm. As I will have mondays off...I will try and do PT before the lunch time classes on my aim will be to do PT....body pump then body balance....which is very similar to the routine I use to do on saturday mornings with Fiona a trillion years ago lol, and will give me a day with a pretty high calorie burn. Ill then go to the gym after work tuesday to friday nights...I will prolly try to fit in some 5.30pm while I cannot guarantee i will always finish at 4pm (can be as late as 5pm) it is looking like i will prolly be on 4pm finishes which should work just dandy!

Not much else going on....altho I will have a few challenging moments next week! Thursday lunch going to the mawson lakes hotel for dinner....and as I am so fussy...there is a limited number of options for me...saturday night I have a friends birthday and we are going out to a pub near her place....hopefully they have a good option for me....I am still hoping my the 20th i am under 118 kilos....altho haha in all honesty not looking overly promising..but my cals will be lowered again next week which will hopefully lead to more consistent losses. :)

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