Thursday, June 18, 2015

The good ole mindset!

So second post for the day LOL.

I am finding now more so then ever I am really needing to work on my mindset. As I have said I start 12WBT on monday....monday morning i weighed in at 120.6.....wednesday morning i weighed in at 118.9 - awesome eh? This morning i was 119.2...I have been daily weighing myself for so long...that I can weigh myself in the evening and generally know what I will weigh the next morning (not sure if this is a good or bad thing...prolly bad!) sooooooooo I know tomorrow morning I am expecting to weigh around 119.8-119.9 so i fully expect the scales to go up again....have I done anything wrong? No I dont think so. I drank 3 litres of water today. I went out for lunch but I thought I did amazingly well with what i chose to ate. While most people I was with were eating ribs, schnitzel, pasta or pizza i went for a lemon pepper barramundi with a cream garlic sauce and rice. It was a very thin fillet of fish i doubt it weighed more then 120 grams. It wasnt oily. The sauce came in a lil dish on the side....and i dont like sauces so i didnt dip my fish into it...i simply squeezed some lemon juice on it. I did think it was salty when I was eating it but then thought no its the pepper cos it was lemon pepper its possible it was a salty meal altho not sure (and am possibly grasping at straws) also came with some baby spinach which I ate and some white rice....i put in my tracker a cup of white rice but think it was more like 2/3 cup of rice at most. I then went to the gym and did body pump.

I am in a few minds about things. Firstly as someone said to me today "the weight should be dropping of you" and it should be....even if that fish was salt intake this week has been down to like 1000 milligrams i still had plenty of room to move with that if it was salty (i try not to exceed about 1800 milligrams)

The first thing is, I think I am going to need to go to the doctors and get blood tests done. Truth of the matter I am overdue some. I was suppose to have some done in April to follow up on my liver since it was so bad when I was in hospital....but im sure since i am eating so well now that has drastically improved...and its time consuming....basically 3 i have been putting it off....but i think i may need to go get that done. To be honest, and prolly part of my lack in doing this lol is I have been down this road before and gone off to get tested....and apart from the low iron stores and the fatty liver I am always ok.

The second thing I wonder is....okay....maybe 1200 will not work out....I need to give it longer but it certainly doesnt seem to be working thus far. So there are 3 things I think are worth considering....calorie cycling, carb cycling or intermittent fasting.

My preference of course would be calorie cycling...and really its the only real thing I did before I havent implemented yet. The thing with that would be tho I would need to prolly set my calories at 1400 calories so I could make my low calorie days 1200. Carb cycling and intermittent fasting are THOUGHTS but they are things i would try if i get desperate...i think both i made find hard to do....but....I know they both have had success so if it comes to it i may have to try.

The other thing i keep thinking is maybe....and this is a huge statement to make....but maybe i should try a few weeks of no weighing. I think I would need to try it for a couple of weeks....cos i know if i do this....the few days before i would weigh i would if i tried it for a week i would only be stress free a few days before i would be stressing again. The reason I am wondering about this is it would just put the focus elsewhere. I have been thinking quite a bit about it today....and yes....I would like to be losing in the half a kilo to kilo range. But regardless I am STILL losing...its not that what I have been doing isnt has been....its just that its been at a very slow pace. Regardless of anything where I am at now and the progress I am making is better then anything from the previous 2 years or so....the other thing is my body is definitely changing....even if the scales arent reflecting it. I know I had times like this with my weight loss when I lost the weight maybe its just me its the way I work. But by not weighing (and when I say this....I would still weigh in at food coaching i just wouldnt look at the scales or find out the result....and as long as there is no significant gains then i could do that) thats my biggest not weighing daily....things will get out of control....that I will get to the end of the week....and gain. I feel this might also allow me to focus more on the process then the just go to the gym and do the classes and just focus more on i guess physical abilities if that makes sense....focus more on wow i did 2 classes in a row....or wow i increased my weights in pump....or i improved on a certain exercise (altho in all the years at the gym i dont tend to improve on exercises cardiovascular improves and i can do more weights....but things like pushups...burpees...running etc doesnt improve lol) but I guess this would allow me to take a more holistic approach.

Regardless I am still losing....and even if i did only lose 300 grams a week....that would still have me down 15 kilos by this time next year which while yes its slow it would still be progress.

So I am not sure of any of these things apart from if I have no loss this week,,,,,maybe i should give calorie cycling a go for a week.....but i do need to give this a full week at least before jumping to any conclusions.

End of ramble ;)

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Bella Trix said...

3 litres of water?! How do you do it? I'm trying to up my water intake as I'm just starting my journey. It's hard work, eh?

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