Monday, June 22, 2015


Ive been home sick today. I woke up all stuffed up in the nose and a headache so decided to play it safe. Been in bed all day (and still am) and am feeling better.

The last hour or so I have been doing some researching on PCOS and weight loss...there is two things I have discovered which may be impacting my lack of weight loss. The funny thing is they both kinda contradict each other. So I will try one for 5 days or so...and then see what the result is. Funnily enough the first thing is something Lauren has been saying to me...and thats to hit 40% protein. Apparantly whether you are pear shape or have PCOS you should hit 40% protein. With 1200 calories thats 120 grams of protein. This was the article I found this info on Protein to carbohydrates ratio so thats what I am going to aim for...fingers cross it brings the losses.

If that doesnt work....the next thing I will try is to cut out whey from my diet. Whey apparantly can lead to insulin fluctuations (who knew???) and I have been eating a lot of whey in cheese, cottage cheese, protein powder, protein bars... I never ate a lot of any of those foods when I lost my weight before so the whey may be the answer...but I want to try the 40% protein first.

As of this morning I was up 1.5 kilos since last wednesday....which means since last monday on 1200 calories I have lost 200 grams LOL...

I am pissed about the whole process...and there is a lil part of me that thinks stuff this...but I am still keeping on. Im worried its going to get to a point where its like..hands up in the air...."we got no freaking idea why you are not losing weight"..... it does kinda remind me of the early days of weight loss of "in the too hard basket"

But i am determined not to feel sorry for myself...I need to just keep on keeping on.

So I was 120.4 kilos this morning....while i wont be 118.9 kilos or less by would be nice to at least get back under 120 kilos...fingers crossed....todays protein will end up at 114 grams which is not quite where it needs to be....tomorrow I have planned it for 138 grams...will reasses next sunday/monday....if no good still...I will cut out the whey.

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