Thursday, June 25, 2015

Operation T shirt....

I have been doing some reading on PCOS and weightloss over the last 24 hours or so and I remembered something.

Now I wear a fitbit...I love it...its a charge HR so I wear it 24/7 and no drama. Now something I notice people focus on a lot these days is "steps" ive never really focused on that too much apart from liking hitting 10,000 steps a day cos I am more focused on how many calories I have burnt in a workout session. Now I can do 15,000 steps a day but does that mean I did a hard core session with sweating? Nope. That said its "nice" to know how many steps etc I have done.

So when I was reading this info (and I didnt agree with all of it)...I said for PCOS sufferers you really need to exercise most days, and exercise with intensity. It reminded me of a couple of things the first is that when I was this weight last time the cardio i use to do was sprints on the treadmill. Now dont be fooled they were not fast haha...but they worked me...I remember just 30 minutes jogging at a speed of 6.2 with a incline of 1 would have me huffing and puffing. And I use to do that anytime I had spare time at the gym...between classes, before PT etc. Now I am not about to do that again....mostly cos I am friggin petrified of falling of the treadmill.

So I need some kind of intense cardio I can anyone I watch you tube a LOT there are a number of fitness channels I watch and a number of them even tho they either have minimal amount of weight to lose....after they do their weight sessions they do 20 minutes of cardio...there cardio is on the stepper. Now i have used the stepper and am not scared of it ;) but i am pretty damn positive I cannot keep it up for 2 minutes lil own 20 minutes LOL. So i think at least for the next month...after each workout I am going to do a minimum of 20 minutes of stair climbing. The gym is on the 7th floor so 7 flights of steps (or 206 steps! trainer and I counted them not so long ago LOL) And if i need to stop every few flights for 30 seconds or so i can without looking like a dill. I also remember when I had a injury once...and this was when i first started doing stairs cos the physio said no treadmill...and after 6 weeks or so of no treadmill and just the stairs...I went back on the treadmill and did some running and it was so much easier ..... the stairs really helped with my fitness and endurance.

The other thing that the articles mentioned was doing weight training (altho one article said due to the increase of testosterone in those with PCOS to do light weights lol...but i disagree with that...I never did light weights and didnt hurt me....but of course if you do have PCOS dont take my word for it...thats simply what worked for me)

I know back in the day I was doing body pump 3-4 times a I want to get back to that. I also want to get back to body balance, not only to help with flexibility but also for the mental calmness it can bring (and I might even try yoga as well) was a bad eating day. But I always remember that no one is perfect...I am not perfect and nor are you....and you know what? Im sure before I get to goal I will have another bad eating day again too.

So it is 8 weeks tomorrow till Sydney....I have a top that I bought last week....a lil tshirt....thats too tight to wear is skin tight....ive attached some pics here:

So this ^^^^^^^^ up there is operation t I will focus on something apart from the scales.I really wanna wear this shirt on the plane and be comfortable in it. Also I am going to weigh in tomorrow morning and then am going to try and not weigh in until wednesday....not sure I can do that but I will give it a try!

So next week is my last week of 3.30pm finishes at work for 3 weeks. I am doing for the 3 weeks after that 4pm finishes....and I am working saturdays but having sunday and mondays my plan for the first 4 weeks of operation tshirt...for next week is:

monday: PT and 30 minute stairs
tuesday: PT and 30 minute stairs and body pump
wednesday: my own workout (i want to do a lil weight i need to nut out a lil program for the thinking 30 minutes of bent over rows, dead lifts, bicep curls, bench press) and then 30 minutes of the stairs (and maybe yoga after)
thursday: 45 minutes body pump + 30 minute stairs
friday: 30 minute stairs then body pump
saturday: body pump + body balance + 20 minute stairs
Sunday: rest day/walking

The three weeks following that will be:

monday: PT and 45 minutes body pump + 45 minutes body balance
tuesday: PT and 15 minutes stair climbing and body pump
wednesday:my own workout (i want to do a lil weight i need to nut out a lil program for the thinking 30 minutes of bent over rows, dead lifts, bicep curls, bench press) and then 30 minutes of the stairs (and maybe yoga after)
thursday: 45 minutes RPM + 30 minutes stairs
friday:body pump
saturday:rest day
sunday: my own workout (havent worked out what this will be yet....prolly a legs one tho) with 20 minutes stairs

That would give me a good mix....pump 3 times a week...body balance once a week....intense cardio 15-30 minutes at least 5 days a week...and 2 PT sessions.

I will also take weekly photos in the tshirt so I can track my progress. Of course i still want the scales to move downwards but at least by focusing on that....getting this exercise in...i will hopefully see body shape changes.

Im not gonna think about where I want to be at christmas or next year....i will just focus on the next 8 weeks and go from there.

Oh and in other news, decided to do calorie cycling at least for a week and see how it will look like this:

monday: 1400
tuesday: 1200
wednesday: 1200
thursday: 1600
friday:  1200
saturday: 1800
sunday: 1200

Now whenever i post about calorie cycling I always get when I first found out about calorie cycling this was the link that i used to base it on so basically for me the way i work it out...with they day after weigh in day being day 1:

day 1: low
day 2: second highest cal day
day 3: low
day 4: super high day
day 5: low
day 5: third highest cal day
day 6: low
day 7: low

I would have the super high cal day at the LATEST on day 4. I weigh in on wednesday mornings so saturday is basically my day 4, and it just works...mentally to have a high day on saturday so i have a bit of wriggle room when going out for dinner...and then the following days being lower allow for any water loss if i gain fluid from the high cal day. But anyway if your interested read that link I attached.

So thats the exercise and eating plan for the next 8 weeks...hopefully with time that tshirt will fit me better!

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