Friday, June 26, 2015

Putting more of the pieces of the puzzle together

So have spent quite a chunk of tonight going thru my journal from 2010 when I lost a large amount of my weight, and I noticed a few things.

First I was focused on having variety. My saturdays used to be my high calorie this may seem bizarre but I would eat mcdonalds for breakfast ( a sausage mcmuffin and a oj), lunch would be turkish bread with porchetta and swiss cheese, and dinner a yiros. Sounds like a yummy day eh? Im not advocating mcdonalds as healthy food...but having one day a week where I ate completely different seemed to work...i think mentally it helped too cos it was kinda like a "24 hour diet break" even tho I stuck to a specific amount of calories. Also on saturdays I use to do 2-3 hours of exercise so I could get away with it. The other days of the week I was very focused on not eating processed foods...but I also tried to regularly focus on different foods. And that may have something cos I am the friggin queen of eating the same thing everyday, so I am going to focus on eating different things (and no not running out to maccas for breakfast tomorrow)

I didnt drink as much diet coke as I do now. When the losses seemed to come was when I was drinking 2 cans of diet coke a day or less. So starting tomorrow a can with lunch and a can with of the day its water.

Calorie cycling plain and simple worked. I dunno what it is about my body but i think it just adapts to same food...same calories day in and day out just too easily. So I did have one of my calorie cycles i use to follow when at this weight so ill do it for a week or so and see how it goes.

Im still not going to be having cheese apart from feta or on saturday lunch i can have swiss....thats how I did it before so will go back to that.

Calorie wise today the aim was 1200 cals (altho i try to never go under that so if its a 1200 cal day i like to be between 1200 and 1250 and i hit 1245 cals :)

Oh and one other thing....after eating not great yesterday I woke this morning and my reflux (that caused the cough last year) had flared up....omg i felt disgusting. The scales were up to :( Up to 120.5 kilos but worse then that was how I certainly wasnt hard to get back on track today! LOL

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