Saturday, June 27, 2015

12 weeks today!

I have been back on track 12 weeks today. I woke feeling good. I decided to do a progress pic - threw on my workout pants and a top and I knew i felt smaller...its weird....dont get me wrong.....I am still very big....but....i am starting to feel more compact on my upper body.

I then tried on a top I bought a week ago that I thought I could wear but...thought if i was slightly smaller would fit better...its a size 14 from autograph....stretchy material and obviously generous sizing but still it fits :)

After the scales jumped up to 120.5 kilos :( they were back down to 119.7 kilos this morning. So happy with that.

I just saw someones instagram who i knew many years ago...just as casual aquaintances but havent seen for a few years....she not only lost weight but has got seriously into exercising...she looks amazing. I must admit it was very inspiring.

So i have gone back to calorie cycling. One of the things I want to continually focus on is eating clean. I am definitely eating cleaner then I was even a month ago...but I am trying to clean it up even more. My focus being on more fruit and vegies. I am going to try and have tuna and salad for lunch a couple of days this week. Not every day...but try to incorporate it more.

Prolly the biggest thing I am still figuring out is exercise....I dont want to get 6 months or 12 months down the track and think.....oh I wish I had done this or that more. I think I need to try and get over the fear of the treadmills and dedicate a bit of lovin to them ;) I think if I can go back to my jogging in intervals on them I would really benefit combined with the stairs. There is no doubting the stairs really help me. I have also wondered if I should just stick to some classes (problem of them is timing doesnt always work) or should i do some actual weight training combined with the cardio. I think I might stick to the classes with the cardio...hope its the right decision. I could do at least pump, balance and RPM.

Tomorrow morning Tania and I are going walking then out for some breakfast. Im doing nothing tonight apart from settling in front of netflix ;) Nice having a slow weekend after lots of busy ones!

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