Tuesday, June 16, 2015

And I joined 12WBT

...oh yes I did!

And even tho I have joined once or twice in the past....I am committed this time. I am going to do all the tasks set out. I have done all the preseason tasks including fitness test, photo and measurements (I never even did that in past attempts)...food wise I am sticking to 1200 calories and aiming for "if it didnt have a mother or grow out of the ground its not on plan". Yesterday being day 1 i survived better then expected. I am making a point to eat more fruit then normal (yesterday was raspberries and 1.5 bananas) today i have strawberries, banana and some watermelon :)

Last night I did the first 12wbt workout...it was not too hard....altho by the time I had sweated more then expected. It took about 45 minutes and burnt 463 calories and THEN i had a PT session LOL...which seriously killed me (lets climb up 7 flights of stairs and do a lil circuit of 3-4 exercises at each level lol). Tonight I will do another 12wbt workout...its mostly exercises I like doing (wow did I really say that???) so I am actually looking forward to it...and then of course PT as well :)

Last wednesday when i weighed in i was 119.2 kilos and then yesterday 120.6 kilos (eek!) but this morning I dropped down to 119.3 kilos...so still a chance of a loss this week! Tomorrows weigh in will be very interesting.

My goal over the 12 weeks of the challenge is 10 kilos...I think that is doable...hopefully this first week I will have a significant loss and then consistency over the next 9 weeks will have me hitting that mark (that would put me around 110 kilos). It should also mean by the time I fly to sydney i would hopefully be down to about 112-113 kilos....last time I flew I was 117 kilos and i was fine with the seat and seatbelt etc....but it will be nicer to be lower!

Okay time to start my workday :)

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