Sunday, June 14, 2015

Okay that was a lil ambitious....

That was a very ambitious diet plan I listed yesterday wasnt it? lol. I think I was having a bad....with the scales having gone up (and again up a lil bit,,,,up 700 grams) but today something happened....I had a shower and was getting dressed, had on my jeans and was about to put a top on and I caught a glimpse of my waist in the mirror. Being the size i am currently I am not wearing fitted clothes yet....a lot of clothes that basically hide my waist....anyway I was kinda waist is starting to look smaller. I was surprised. Of course that makes my hips look even bigger LOL but my waist definitely looks smaller. I have no idea how it compares to two weeks ago's measurements...maybe it was this small 2 weeks ago and I had never noticed...but I was impressed.

Even when you lose centimetres it is very hard to correlate in my mind that I have lost when there has been minimal loss on the scales. I do feel I am doing the right things (altho the exercise still needs to be a big focus!) and I certainly want to improve my eating (ie the oven fries....they are not coming back in the house at least for a while), but,,,,,I dont think I am ready to give up quest bars just yet LOL

I weigh in on wednesday and it is not looking like a loss for me...which is disappointing me I need to continue to just trust the process and do my best. I think as of this wednesday my calories will be lowered to 1500 calories. I also have a few eating out I think I will suggest to Lauren I calorie cycle this week so thursday and saturday I have more calories....eating lower calories during the week when I am busy with work is not so hard....and i think it prolly is time to test out the calorie cycling...i truly believe 1400-1500 cals is prolly around where I need to sit....and fingers crossed this will get the losses going LOL. I know there will be a point i need to cut back to 1200 calories but I would like to put that off as long as possible....but of point eating more then that if I am not going to get its still a process of working out where I should be.

Exercise wise...hopefully make it in time for body balance tomorrow night and then a PT session.

Enjoy your week all :)

After writing this I made a decision .... I will detail more later once I have spoken in more detail with my food coach....but hell yeah to getting this weight moving ;)

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