Saturday, April 04, 2015

New beginnings...

So first things first, yes my journal has a new look! I felt it was time for new beginnings and a different not very good with blogger but wanted a cleaner look...I was going to go for a white background....but I kinda like this....its clean and crisp....if people find the font hard to read please let me know!

Today i woke with a cold...blooming running nose and chit....and have slept on and off for a lot of the day. I then had eaten a pile of carbs...went to the grocery store....and got dizzy ..... its not the cold....its my sugar levels prolly at some ridiculous amount from all the carbs. Tonight I sat down and watched fat, sick and nearly dead 2. I found this such a good documentary. I had seen the first one but found this one much more enlightening. There is a bigger focus in it on the psychological side of why we choose junk food over vegetables. I would definitely recommend it. If you have netflix its on there to watch.

It also discussed how when things arent going good we hide. I think I have felt a pressure to still be "the weight loss queen" as I feel thats how people see me...and i have tried emit that but on the inside i feel more like "the weight loss failure" There is two very separate weight loss journeys 2006-2012 and the next journey starts now. I need to look at this fresh and I need to step out of hiding and be more willing to take on support. In my real life some of my weight watchers friends more regularly and I am hoping to embrace that even more. I need to update here more regularly and on my facebook group. I need to be vulnerable enough to take support and advice.

I thankfully went shopping today bought lots of greek yoghurt, sultanas, pumpkin seeds, ham, bananas, peanut butter, spinach tomatos etc etc. I feel tomorrow is a fresh start...weigh in tomorrow morning...go for a walk....get some housework done. And i will take a "before" pic which I will upload here.

Enjoy easter sunday all :)


Magpie said...

Don't feel or believe you are a failure, I can totally understand why you would think it, but no one would ever think that if you, it is hard Kazz, and things happen, our focus changes, just keep trying, never give up. Maggie

Tranquility road said...

Your a failure when you give up trying
You have had so much go on in life of late
Be kind to yourself
Look after yourself
Your doing good