Saturday, March 21, 2015

Foxy Challenge - Day 6

So day 6 and the thing I am finding most interesting is how my cravings have subsided. I think this comes down to one primary thing....restricting bread and eating better grains. I have still had things like soft wraps, barley, im still having good grains but not eating bread or eating a lot less I think has a lot to do with my cravings subsiding. So since monday I have eaten 4 slices of actually wasnt part of the foxy menu plan....but considering the bread-aholic i normally am I am very happy with that.

This morning I went to body pump. It was a hour long class. And it felt a lot better then when I did pump 4 weeks I really feel my endurance is difference in the weights....but I just felt I coped better.

Tomorrow I am working...just doing some overtime for making up when i was sick the week before last.....jsut working 10 till 4.30pm and I will go for a walk in the evening. Today and thursday I rolled out my calve and it seems to be helping my achilles....the big test will be how it copes walking tomorrow. Then monday I am off...I will go in and do pump and balance at lunch time and then a PT session of weights that night....its a lot in one day but I dont get week days off often so might as well make the most of it.

Enjoy your saturday night all :)

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