Friday, March 20, 2015

Foxy Challenge - Day 5

Well today has been a good and bad day. Up to about 3pm my eating was not good. Come lunchtime I realised I need the accountability of weighing in front of someone so I have signed up for food coaching....starting April 8. I then started thinking about my latest excuse "im not fit enough for the gym" so time to just get thru it all even if i dont enjoy it currently. So tomorrow morning i am going to the gym and doing body pump and body balance.

Next weeks fitness plans are:

Monday:pump and balance (lunchtime) + pt weights (evening)
tuesday: RPM
wednesday:6km walk
thursday: PT boxing
friday:pump (im going to try and make that) if not 45 minutes on treadmill
saturday:rest day
sunday:7km walk with tania

I have found some food combos i have rather liked on this challenge. My fave breakfast is greek yoghurt, goji berris and almonds. A fave snack has also been a banana and 12 almonds. I just have to keep working on making good choices everyday.

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#fatfreefloozy said...

Sounds like a plan Stan! Yummy breakfast choices!