Thursday, March 19, 2015

Foxy Challenge - Day 4

Well things are going very well so far!! Food has all been on point and most importantly my mindset feels really good. I feel a sense of not sure if its the anti depressents starting to work (I am sure that is part of it) ....and its making me realise how good my life actually is :)  I think I am more proud of the mindset more then anything!

I had PT tonight... we did boxing and I could feel my fitness is improving. It was a real solid workout but I felt very capable...even Hayley commented how well I did tonight...she did mention I barely grumbled LOL I then told her I weighed this morning (I am down 2.5 kilos from monday) she turned around to me and said "you will win" i was like lol...I dont come to the gym enough to win...she then told me at her last gym....the top 3 members in the foxy challenge were all her clients lol *pressure*

As I think I have mentioned before i am not concerned with "getting the most points" in this challenge...what i am interested in is creating habits....getting back to clean eating like i use to do...and work towards getting to goal weight. The only real competition is with myself being better today when I was yesterday :)

Thanks for reading all! :)

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