Sunday, April 05, 2015

A good day :)

So after yesterdays posts i got a few messages about "your not a failure till you stop trying etc" for me...stating what I did yesterday was important. I need to be open and honest about this journey...I have not been successful in weight loss for 2.5 years so it was very important to put it out there.

Today has been a pretty good day, I wanted to stick to 1700 calories, and i ate 1673 calories, in that i ate lots of good foods....yoghurt, blueberries, goji berries, almonds, spinach, tomatos, peanut butter, banana, cheese - so lots of good nutritional foods in there ! :)

I didnt exercise but im not to stressed about that...i had a good eating day so I am happy with that. I put my gym membership on hold for 4 weeks....I may go back after 2 weeks....still contemplating that. Will make a decision over the next week or so.

One thing I didnt mention on yesterdays post is how I have stopped taking care of me. When I was doing well every second saturday after the gym I would go get my eyebrows waxed....last time i had them waxed? The day I went and saw Jillian....that was last October...nearly 6 months ago! I have been slack about even shaving my arms and legs (that may be TMI),,,,,this morning tho the pits and legs got a good going over hahaha! I noticed today....on the bottom layers of my hair i have some really nice honey actually thinking about having it done thru my hair but thicker and more on the top layer.

Not much else to say ;)

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