Monday, April 06, 2015

Happy Easter Monday all :)

Well....todays plans fell apart. I was planning to go out to lunch and to see The Sugar Film....but my cycle arrived and I ended up with bad cramps so I bailed. I was super disappointed as i have been SO eager to see this film...i WILL see it at some point!

So ive mostly spent the day in bed (with a couple of panadeine forte)...thankfully TV1 had a seinfeld marathon (which I am STILL watching ;))

I had a good food day again :) 2 days ago i was 127 kilos .... this morning i was 124.9 kilos. Ive been thinking a lot about how i want to focus on weight work this time with my weight loss. I feel rather motivated about it. But i had put my gym membership on hold for 4 weeks....and wasnt due to go back till April 30 but contemplating writing to them and going back on april 16. I hadnt felt like I was in the right head space...and I am glad I took a break....I think by the time I go back I will have that exercise desire.

Back to work tomorrow..only a 4 day week which is nice...but the next 3 weeks I have 7.30am starts which is earlier then I am use too which means setting my alarm for 5.30am...this may kill me haha!

Have a good night all :)

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