Sunday, March 01, 2015


Im writing on a blog and surely that means I am being truthful right? Well yes and no. I think its easy to tell your version of the truth when you skim the surface.

Do I always tell the utmost truth on here? Prolly not. There are many times the posts could go deeper...but out of lazyness or choice they simply dont. For that reason its something I really want to focus on....not just posting more regularly but more truthfully/deeper.

So how are things going? Well weight loss wise I am the same I was at the start of the year....ive gone down....ive gone up...and down again and up again. Ive been very up in the air about "the plan"...we all need a plan...a plan that works for you and you alone. Now I signed up for the foxy challenge...ive seen the menu plans....they are very clean eating and the meals look good. There program works around body a pear theoretically you should eat about 40% protein. I have popped them into my fitness pal....and they vary between 1200-1400 i think thats enough food at 120 kilos? Prolly not...especially if exercising. I am tho very keen for their workout routines and the mindset information. Im definitely planning on mostly following the foxy eating plan as per the meals etc (altho i tend to be that person who cannot follow a specific eating plan....i like to have some say in what i eat so i wont say ill eat to their plan EVERY day) to boost the food I will prolly just do things like have a extra protein shake etc.

When i think about tracking my food it comes down to two options. Weight watchers and my fitness pal. I like myfitnesspal cos i KNOW calories...i get them....i can easily add the calories from my Heart rate monitor.....i can monitor my sodium levels...macros works pretty damn good.  The advantage of weight watchers the BIGGEST advantage of it is the support network,.....whether its their magazine, meetings, instagram i find the support network great (that said i hate their "tech sessions" in meetings cos its a thinly veiled marketing section which is fooling no one!) With my fitness pal i calorie leader has mentioned i can cycle points....and yes i must admit i am considering going back to weight watchers and combining it with the foxy challenge. Im also considering doing two PT sessions a week for the 12 weeks of the foxy challenge. The other negative about weight watchers is i tend to get into the thought of "oh its a weight watchers product i can eat it" even tho i know i struggle to lose and control my appetite if im not eating unprocessed foods.

I really want to be successful at this weight loss gig...there are so many things i want in my life i dont have currently. I am sitting on the sidelines when what i want is to be travelling, enjoying a social life, a partner, new experiences (eg scuba diving, adventure sports etc etc) I want to not only be confident but have the fit, healthy glow I had a few years ago...and theres only one way ill get that....and thats by applying myself.

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Magpie said...

Hi Kazz, you are sticking at it and that is really the most important thing, because if you stop trying it is harder to get the motivation back. I started again 2nd Jan and have lost around 4kg. Joined WW and then cancelled it, I really don't know what will work better for me. I think points is simple but eating the 49 extra per week is so hit and miss, works for some and not others. I am doing calories again and haven't lost for 10 days. It is so discouraging. I just have an issue with points, I feel that it is always changing at WW and a calorie is a calorie but who really knows how many calories equals a point. I wish I wasn't so sceptical about WW.