Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Weigh in result :)

So was weigh in day....and i lost 1.5 kilos :) So last week i lost 2.5 4 kilos in 2 weeks - cannot complain about that. So the food side of things is going pretty damn good...the exercise not so much LOL....which is a combination of a few things. One we have had some 40+ temperature days .... two....since i got back on track i have been sooooooooooooo tired ..... its thinking i may have to start taking a multivitamin and partly cos im a chicken lol. When i did that 45 minute pump was a struggle to get thru it....i just dont have the endurance if a 45 minute class is a struggle can only imagine a 60 minute also unsure yet what to do. I think cardio at this point is what i really need....but the treadmill scares me....i hate the bike....and well i can only last 10 minutes on the xtrainer. I just need a plan at this stage. Tomorrow I have PT and at this stage not sure about saturday as i just checked....supposed to be 34 on saturday and with it being 37 the day before .... ugh....i dont always wanna cancel on fiona but i also dont want to do a session that is horrid cos of the weather and then stop doing the sessions.

Ive been having a slight issue with bleeding nose lately. In the last 10 days i have had 3....always occurs within about 5 minutes of waking. The first 2 times i put it down to the heat....but it happened this morning again and definitely not hot weird.

Not much else going plans this weekend....gonna be a quiet one!

Enjoy all :)


Kat McLennan Moffat said...

wowww weeeeee Kazz.
WW suggested you have a multi vitamain a day
Oh might be a good idea to speak to your local chemist, or nurse or doctor

FogDog said...

Great job on the weight loss!

-FogDog's Weight Loss

Tranquility road said...

You need a multivitamin
You need to go get the nose bleeds looked at by a dr

You told me to start exercising and do what I can .... I say do 10 mins on xtrainer and work your way up ... Maybe 10 mins then some weights then finish with 10 mins
It won't take long

You can do this