Friday, February 20, 2015

Wrap up of my week :)

Well what a week!! Sunday morning i weighed 119.5 kilos. Tania and i went walking around the torrens on sunday morning, bright and early but it was so hot we only walked for a hour and then went out to breakfast ;)

Monday was day 1 back at the gym! Went in and signed up (unbeknown to me it was my personal trainer getting me to sign the paper work!) I went and firstly jumped on the cross trainer...and nearly died. It was a struggle and really killed my calves. Then i went and did a 45 minute body pump...boy what a struggle. I dont think its the weights themselves that is the struggle but my endurance. The next couple of days specifically wednesday i was in insane pain! Tuesday night i went to a RPM class....which killed my ass lol....but that was not too bad admittedly. I could still do all the cycling while standing....but i certainly felt it in my quads.

Wednesday i did some overtime at work so no gym.....and thursday i had my first PT session with my new trainer. The PT session went really good....we discussed my huge list of past and current injuries/issues lol....and my goals....which i told her to be down to 80 kilos by mid next year, i also told her about how i havent been exercising for pretty much 4 months because of my health....I found her really good...she told me she is all about open communication and if there is something i really dont want to do to tell i feel much better then i did with the previous trainer. We did some weight stuff which i didnt feel particularly weak at....when we did core exercise she asked me to do some crunches....and was impressed....she was like....thats not a crunch your exceeding that lol its a sit up. She said my core strength is good. We also did some step ups....that was a struggle....its definitely cardio things that im struggling with. She then told me she thinks i am the perfect candidate for the foxy challenge (which i had been thinking of doing)...since i am getting back into the gym and also have weight loss goals. Its a bit different this year and especially cos it has some components on mind set i think i will definitely do it. :) Ill sign up this week.

As to what the scales did? After being 119.5 kilos on sunday I was up to 120 kilos on wednesday morning (weigh in day) which meant a 2.5 kilo loss....but then thursday morning i was up to 120.2 and this morning 120.2 kilos again. I am not too concerned always when i start working out i struggle to lose on the scales. So there may be a slight gain on the scales this week...but whilst the scales may (and prolly will stall) thats the time you usually see body shape changes.

I have to say eating has been spot on...ive been super impressed with me :)

This weekend its suppose to be 40 degrees both saturday and sunday! eek! id like to go do body pump tomorrow morning but i dunno in that heat, Saturday night i am going out with tania, martine and tina to my fave restuarant "moonsoon" I bought a new top to wear...ill snap a pic tomorrow night....sunday morning me and tania may go up for it....will depend on tania....she may feel its too hot!

Have a good weekend all! :)

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Tranquility road said...

I am so proud of you
Can't wait to see the new top