Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weigh in results and dating :)

Weighed in last night and lost 500 grams - considering I had my cycle last week I was happy with that. The countdown is on now...6 days till I rejoin the gym, I know once that is happening things will really start happening ! :)

I was on pink sofa (a lesbian networking site) today, and I saw a comment where someone said "why do some people you never forget". It got me thinking about Ang (my first girlfriend and only serious partner). When we broke up (many years ago lol) it broke my heart....and I didn't cope well. In fact that was the first time I recognised I suffered from depression. Anyway in the aftermath of our breakup I swore...never again. I will never allow someone to have the negative impact on me she had. But would I choose to forget that relationship? NO. Now looking back I am grateful for it, I had a lot of firsts with Ang, I had a lot of good times, I also had a lot of frustrations lol...I am realistic...it was not a perfect relationship but it was ours.

After many years of not dating, back in 2011 when I was near goal I stepped out into the dating world. I dated someone, she really had no interest in anything serious and it was very up and down because of that. After that at like 44 years old I decided I was too old for that emotional roller coaster that dating can you lead you on. And for many years I haven't. I have wondered if deciding I am no longer dating is part of what led me to gain weight. I mean if you aren't going to have a social life what are you going to do? Yep sit on the lounge and make friends with food. Of course there is MORE to life then dating! lol but it was a big part of my goal, my dream for getting to my goal weight.

I think tho, I am ready again to start to dip my toe into the dating pool!

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#fatfreefloozy said...

You go girl!! You are so beautiful and someone deserves to have you in their life!!!