Sunday, February 15, 2015

Too damn hot!

So after two days of calorie cycling i am down 3 kilos....O.M.G :) Just two days of doing well has put me in a much better head space!

Yesterday was forecast to be 41 degrees so i told fiona no PT session....tania wanted to go walking this was forecast to be 39 degrees and would be no running and we decided to meet at 8am so thought that would be no drama. HAHA! Was nearly 32 degrees at 7am! We did go....but only walked 45 minutes instead of 90 minutes. It was warm but it was worth it for the company.

After the walk we went to what is becoming a regular place for breakfast....where we both eat the same thing lol....bacon and eggs on toast.....yum yum! So worth out to 624 calories but so worth it...i could always skip the bacon...but its kinda worth it! lol Must admit while we were eating breakfast at one point i got a bit funny feeling...only lasted for a minute or so.....and im guessing was either the heat....or suddenly eating some sugar (the bread)

Tomorrow I am rejoining fernwood....must admit I am incredibly nervous about it. After the poor previous experience there is that i making the right decision....but i cannot get past ive never felt as comfortable at any other gym. That said...I dont feel real comfortable there LOL.....but its better then at a big or both genders gym. Back to feeling nervous etc in that gym environment ..... but with time that should improve.

Tonights dinner...i am cooking some chicken breast and having it with a salad with baby spinach, cucumber, mushrooms, avocado and feta....yum yum :)

Enjoy your monday all!

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